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How to improve your social media marketing strategy for 2022
27, Dec 2021

Social media services in Tanzania have matured over the past few years.

It has become an integral part of marketing both for large and small businesses.

Are you one of those who have created an account for business purposes?

Does your business use growth online marketing in Tanzania as an opportunity?

How your accounts have contributed to the growth of your business?

These are the most important questions to answer when drafting your social media marketing strategy proposal.

Recently, many businesses take their brands online, so competition is increasing too.

Both planning and creativity are required.

While doing all that may seem tiring, its significance should not be ignored.

It is so important that around 92% of marketers use social media as part of their marketing efforts.

Why? As said earlier, social media has evolved into one of the most popular internet platforms.

Whether you're targeting a local audience or creating a national brand, it should be part of your marketing strategy.

Social media marketing has the potential to make a considerable and measurable effect on your business.

When done right, it may be a very effective marketing tool.

As a result, its advantages go far beyond increasing sales only.

Bonus: Get a free social media marketing strategy template to help you plan your social media marketing strategy quickly and easily.

Let discuss how you can achieve your business goals through social media strategies:



What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing strategy


It is a plan of how to maximize engagement and interactions across social media to achieve a company’s goal.

These objectives may be to generate leads, improve brand awareness or increase sales.

It can be a written document as a social media marketing strategy template.

It is used to guide the company’s objectives to reach the targeted goal.

Bridging Technologies creates social media marketing strategy templates for businesses.

Learn more about social media marketing on “What is social media marketing and why it matters for your business growth?


Why do we need social media strategies for business?

Most marketers understand the benefits of using social media for business. But most of them are still struggling on how to get started.

You are about to learn how these strategies can help build your business.

Some of the benefits you will learn about includes:


1. Builds Brand Awareness and Recognition

The goal of many businesses has been to have their brand known.

Before you start selling, make sure your audience is aware of your brand. This will help you build loyalty.

Furthermore, customers like to buy products from companies they are familiar with.

The loyalty of a brand at a given point will result in long-term business benefits.

Online marketing makes developing a brand simple and successful.

Traditional media can't compare to the speed and ease with which social media marketing can get your business in front of people.

Understanding what is social media marketing goal for your business, will help you build your brand recognition.

It makes your audience think about your brand or product even when they aren't thinking about it.

🥰Tip: Don't forget to pay attention to your profile and cover photographs. Placing your logo frequent is a terrific method to build brand recognition. Make sure your brand's appealing features are well-represented.

For the best social media services in Tanzania in brand building, contact Bridging Technologies.


2. Generates Conversation around Your Brand

It is simple to spark talk when you have a solid social media strategy.

You communicate about your brand, products, and services when you post.

To start a conversation on your platforms, try to engage your audience by asking questions. Soliciting feedback, and so on.

When people leave comments on your posts, respond to them.

It determines that people believe there is a person behind the brand.

This will verify that they are conversing with a human rather than a robot.

It will improve their impression of your business and make them feel like a valued customer.

Concentrate on presenting stuff that generates discussion.

Give shout-outs to other businesses with which you network and collaborate.

Ask your customers for feedback on your items.

To get the audience involved, ask open-ended questions and then let them respond.


3. Helps Understand Your Target Customers’ Interests

Have you ever researched your customer’s interests?

What strategy have you prepared after research?

To contact your customers, you must first understand their interests.

You can do this by keeping an eye on their social media interactions related to specific topics in your account.

What makes them more engaged, and what makes them dislike specific posts.

This might assist you to figure out what's relevant to your target audience, or which trends they are following.

You might also learn about their problems, which can help you generate material that addresses those issues.

If you are not sure how to match the interests of your target clients, social listening can help.

Allow for a range of opinions about your brands, products, and services, and then address them.

Make social listening a part of your everyday practice.

It helps to observe what your target clients are talking about in your business.

Bridging Technologies deals with online marketing in Tanzania.

We can help to take your social listening skill to the next level. Book an appointment with us.


4. Helps You Gather Data about Your Audience

Audience data research


Audience research is equal to social listening it involves gathering information from a group of people.

It looks for the keywords that your target market will use, but it's more focused on your unique product.

This information can be gathered through online research.

You can see the reach and insights of all your posts on many social media networks. It's known as analytics!

Here are some steps for doing Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram analytics:

To view the insights on your Facebook page:

Go to the page that you are the admin.

Scroll down the “Manage Page” section on the left side of the screen

Click on “Insights”

Scroll down and click on “People” to see specific audience analytics.


To view the insights on your Twitter page:

Go to the tweet you want to see the analytics

Underneath the tweet, click on the “analytics” icon on the far right, or...

On your Twitter page, click on the “More” tab on the left side of your screen

Click on “Analytics” to see broad metrics that aren’t specific to any post

To view the insights on your Instagram page:

Go to your profile

Click on the “Insights” button

Scroll down to “Your Audience” and click on “See All”.


5. Helps Provide Responsive Customer Service

Customers' inquiries are now handled via social media as part of their profession.

A corporation with a vision invests in the development of client relationships.

Customer service is still as difficult as it was before, thanks to social media.

Instant engagement and customer input are possible with social media.

Through it, businesses can reply to their clients. 71% of consumers have had a positive experience with a brand on a social media platform.

They are more likely to recommend that brand to the people they know.

As you can see, implementing a social media marketing strategy is critical.

One of the social media marketing strategy examples is:

It is needed to increase brand awareness as well as drive traffic to your business.

In this way, it will help your business to be successful in online marketing in Tanzania.


6. It is Cost-Effective

Organic social media marketing is free.

It is free to download and create an account or channel.

It is also free to create profiles and post organic content.

To some extent, that may be enough, and the quality of the content may promote the content on its own.

Yet, if you want to promote your content, paid ads or promotion will increase exposure.

Tip: if you want to go organic in your content don’t profile like an ad. It’ll make your posts look like spam.

You should avoid sales wordy calls to action like 50% off etc, or pay for it.

Social media platforms have a restricting policy for unpaid ads it will go nowhere.

If you want to go for paid ads, you need to pay for them so they may look professional and have well-ending results (reach).


How to improve your social media marketing strategy for 2022?

Making a social media strategy is not an easy task.

The task goes from preparing social media strategy proposals to implementation.

In this stage, you might only think of all the things that could go wrong.

But with a strategic marketing campaign, you have to be sure that you have less to worry about.

Build your successful platform by using Bridging Technologies' social media strategy proposal.


Tips to use to create and improve your social media marketing strategy for the year 2022:

🎯Conduct a Social Media Audit

To understand how you can prepare your social media strategy proposal, first, you need to look at your existing data.

You need to check out how your customers interact with your content.

Learn which content has more engagement when you post.

Also which platforms have more interactions than the others you have?

This way, you will know which part of your strategy needs improvement.


🎯Establish Your Social Media Goals

Establish your goals


Your business needs to have a specific marketing goal.

Without a clear set of goals, you would not be able to outline the best social media strategy.

Your goals serve as the scheme of your campaign efforts.

Remember, your marketing goals should align with your brand’s business objectives.

Make goals that do not only reach your customers but also raise brand awareness.

In this case, the social media marketing strategy example that supports your goal will be the level of brand awareness customers have for your business.

Learn more on our blog post “How to Create a Social Media Strategy in 8 Easy Steps”.


🎯Set Your Benchmarks

Benchmarking includes comparing your figures and processes towards company standards.

It includes factors like the number of articles, audience growth rate, and engagement.

It also compares those indicators to those of your competitors.

Giving you a complete picture of your performance.

Benchmarking determines which aspects of your marketing effort need improvement.

Benchmarking allows you to conduct an objective assessment of your marketing efforts and measure their success.

Examine the consequences of these activities on your customers' behavior.

Use that information to determine which activities could be eliminated or improved.


🎯Perform a Market Research

Doing research is critical not only in social media but in any marketing strategy.

If you want your online planning to succeed, research needs to be part of it.

Many marketing agencies in Tanzania have been struggling to perform market research.

Market research helps in recognizing the current trends in your company's products/services.

It also helps to determine how your customers perceive your company.

Examine your competition and how your brand can fight up against theirs.

Bridging Technologies based on online marketing in Tanzania conducts market researches. Give us a call.


🎯Conduct Social Listening

If you have an online platform, expect your users to make both favorable and bad comments.

Good comments make you compliment your business. Also, bad comments use them as means for improvement.

There is no good or bad branding on social media it depends on your reaction to it.

Feedback determines which components of your strategy are effective.

Use social listening services to keep track of how other people perceive your brand.

It will help you to make improvements.


🎯Audit Your Competitors

You must keep your friends close and your opponents closer in online marketing.

Your competitors have a wealth of knowledge about which social media initiatives work and which do not.

Compare and contrast what social media marketing strategies they use with yours.

Another successful social media strategy example is:

Understand your competitor's strength and use it to win against him.

Bridging Technologies, a digital marketing agency perform competitive analysis research. Contact us.


🎯Craft Your Brand’s Social Media Identity

Some companies become famous due to their online presence.

This is why a company or a business's branding is important.

It will help your brand to grow and resonate with your target audience.

When creating an online identity, consider your customers' demographics, pain points, and motivations.

Having unique and identifiable brands comes with hard effort. Although in the end, it is worth the effort.


🎯Identify Tactical Approaches

Let us consider that, you have done your homework and you prepare to achieve your objectives! So, how to proceed?

Make precise strategies to achieve your social media objectives.

Your brand identity can engage with your target audience and conduct market research.

Choose a favorable way to communicate with your customers by having the right choice of apps.

Most marketing agencies in Tanzania skip identifying to businesses what apps they can use for their targeted audience.

It is the reason many businesses fail on their online marketing strategy. Bridging Technologies provide a free consultation about it.

You can learn in our post “How to choose the right social media app for your business growth


🎯Determine Your Content Buckets

Content categories


Content buckets, also known as content categories, are themes that cover a variety of facets of a company's operations.

While each content category should be tailored to a certain topic, they should all link to a larger corporate message.

Content categories can be a gold mine for establishing brand identification for businesses.

Social media marketing strategy example in a content bucket is:

-Ability to determine which category will help you to connect with your target market.


🎯Craft the Themes for Your Content

As a brand, you might want your content to stand out while adhering to your company's aims and values.

This can be accomplished using your marketing calendar to prepare content themes.

Hence, the creation of content that is unique, captivating, and consistent for your brand.


🎯Measure and Track Your Social Media Performance

Implementing your plan is only the beginning of your campaign's efforts.

But you still need to check the performance.

Test the success of your social media campaign and use it as a model for new marketing techniques in the future.



🎯Paid Advertisements are Necessary to have.

What makes it so crucial?

Paid social advertising allows you to increase the number of people who see your content.

It can happen without relying on organic platform algorithms that are changing.

Social media marketing is now all about how you target your audience.

Also, build customer journeys and get people to your site to make a sale.



Your marketing approach should base on the most recent trends.

Businesses should be up-to-date and focused while using social media marketing to yield the best results in 2022.

That is the reason you need to have social media strategy campaign.

The best way to develop a successful social media strategy proposal is to start early.

Don't wait until January to start thinking about what new techniques you will use in the New Year.

Like other marketing agencies in Tanzania, we provide consultation on holiday posts to keep your social media up to date.

Even before the year ends, keep your clients interested in new content on your accounts.

Here is the blog post that will help you plan for the coming Christmas “7 inspiring ideas for Christmas Social Media Marketing.

If you want to improve your business using social media services in Tanzania we will be happy to help you.

Bridging Technologies Limited has been recognized as one of the Top Facebook Marketing companies by DesignRush

Please like, follow, and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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