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Bridging Technologies, a digital marketing Agency that is trusted in pay-per-click internet marketing. Reach out to your customers quickly and with our data-driven PPC campaign. Our PPC Specialists are AdWords certified, so you can rest easy knowing your campaign is in the hands of professionals. Our team creates targeted ad copies, optimizes your bidding strategies and device targeting tactics and monitors your ROI for each keyword. We also take advantage of seasonal trends to promote your products and drive high-volume leads and traffic.

You’ve heard the term “internet advertising” but you don’t know what it means and how your company can benefit from it.

Well, internet advertising is one of the most effective tools for promoting a business or product on the internet.

It can help you grow your business and make money online. However, many people only seem to be interested in popular websites and not those that have gained a following because of quality content. This is why you need a thorough understanding of the different types of internet advertising and how it applies to your business.

Our Internet Advertising Approach

Pay per click advertising (PPC)
Pay per click advertising (PPC)

PPC is an Internet advertising approach. This means it is something that you see when you type a certain keyword into Google or Bing. This can be very different from traditional print advertising as it is literally targeting the search engines with appeals for potential customers The prominent advantage of PPC is that it gets more results through the use of paid advertising networks. Every time a customer clicks on an ad, they are essentially paying you for every sale that person makes. Since the ad networks are highly profitable, many businesses are investing heavily in PPC advertising, hoping to make tons of money from every potential buyer that shows up on their website or phone.

Social media ads
Social media ads

Social media advertising is the use of large amounts of social networking websites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.) and other online platforms to promote products and services. This type of Internet advertising involves appearing of ads on websites and social media platforms which encourages visitors to share content or engage with other users based on invitations or requests. These types of ads are often linked to a company’s website or product page and are usually targeted at encouraging interactions among followers. This includes posting status updates, videos, images, and other contents which users may be interested in following and interacting with. There are many reasons why social media ads are working well and many ways to utilize them effectively. social media advertising can lead to a measurable increase in sales.

Benefits of Internet Advertising

Helps to reach new customers

Internet advertising is one of the most powerful ways that businesses reach new customers, not just in the short term, but over time. So many businesses are beginning to realize the value of internet advertising, especially as control over online shopping increases.

It targets people who tend to be more interested in certain products and services

Easy to reach audiences on different devices

Advertisers are able to reach people through personal computers or mobile phones, and they can do so more effectively than before because there is a much greater capacity for audience sharing across multiple devices.

Directs traffic to your website

One of the biggest benefits of online advertising is that it brings in a lot of traffic from a large pool of potential customers. This allows your business to be noticed by potentially thousands of potential customers who aren't just searching for information about your product but also looking for help or guidance in finding it.

Results are attained within a short time

Internet advertising is a strategy which can help you get great results with little effort.

Promoting brand awareness

Every company is concerned with its brand reputation, to ensure your online visibility and immediate search visibility PPC mode of advertising can be efficiently used

One of the approaches utilized at Bridging Technologies is to prompt keyword analysis which will make a proper evaluation of the best keywords to use so as you can stay ahead of the competition in protecting your brand

Make a Great First Impression with Your Target Audience


Why choose bridging technologies for internet advertising

It’s committed to handle all the tiresome work which can elevate and grow your online presence of your company.

Bridging Technologies delivers the market spent report, so as you get to know how every cent was spent. Because you only pay when a user clicks on the ad.

It priorities its customers satisfaction over anything else. Reach out to us and be among the lucky customers.

If your business is looking to drive traffic to your website, look no further than social media advertising. Unlike other forms of advertising, social media advertising does not cost anything extra for the consumer. Bridging Technologies being the right digital marketing agency, your company can gain access to a large pool of potential customers who are looking for certain products or services.

Becoming an expert needs great devotion of time, money and several practice.

It can be devastating to develop full executable and promising marketing strategies.

The best decision is to deploy Bridging Technologies to uplift your business to the next higher levels.

Internet Advertising FAQs


What is internet advertising/PPC?

PPC is the acronym for pay-per-click. It's a digital marketing tactic and it buys web traffic to your website. You, the advertiser, pays a small fee each time one of your ads is clicked on by a user. Search engine advertising is the most popular form of PPC. However, many other platforms such as social media giant, Facebook, now offer PPC ad models. You can promote your company in search results, on websites and across social media platforms. PPC ads can feature text, images and video.

Will my target market click on my online PPC ads?

Ads that appear in search results are targeted to meet a specific audience and often earn almost half of all page clicks. Users who click on paid ads are usually ready to make a decision and therefore more likely to buy a product or service by comparison to an organic visitor. With PPC ads, your ads are targeted for the online users searching for your type of business. This can make a significant impact on your bottom line.

How much does a PPC campaign cost?

The cost of running a PPC ad campaign varies. Different cost factors include your industry type, business type and business size. These will influence the pricing of your PPC ad campaign. Pricing can also be affected by the type of strategy you're rolling out. However, expect to spend up to 600,000/= per month for a small-to-medium company. This price includes both your ad spend and professional services from your chosen PPC agency.

How do I budget my PPC campaigns?

Your PPC costs must be calculated based on your bid, your targeting, and your ad quality. The amount of money you're willing to spend for a user to click on your ad is called your bid. You enter your bid into an ad auction and the highest bidder wins, so you could end up paying less than your bid amount, but never more. Targeting factors include all aspects of your goal, from the keywords you’re ranking for to the demographics of your audience. The more competitive you want to target, the higher the costs. For instance, bidding on a very competitive keyword costs more because it features a higher cost-per-click (CPC). Google also monitors the quality of your ads. If your ad quality is high, you can often maintain lower costs because Google will rank your ad ahead of competitors with low-quality ads. Understanding and accounting for all of these factors are how you determine your PPC budget.

Why should I advertise with Pay Per Click ads?

PPC is a flexible online advertising method that lets you create a budget and adjust it at any time necessary. Most importantly, you can target your ideal audience directly, which is impossible with traditional advertising or digital marketing campaigns. The insights gleaned from the data tracked from PPC campaigns is invaluable because it gives you a better idea of your users' behavior. Your paid advertising campaigns appear ahead of all organic results in search results, helping you to instantly outrank your competitors and support your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

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