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7 inspiring ideas for Christmas Social Media Marketing - Bridging Technologies Ltd
6, Dec 2020

We are already bouncing to Christmas jingles, time passes quickly, right? It's not too early to get the Christmas decoration or Christmas songs played in our homes and offices.

But it’s time to start planning your Christmas social media marketing campaign. The Christmas holiday gives fresh challenges to most marketers and social media specialists. On how to plan a Christmas marketing campaign? And how to design Christmas content for the customers to engage with the brand?

Don't worry, here's your Christmas gift from BTL Santa, with our Christmas social media post ideas you can:

- Promote your brand.

- Sell more during the holidays.

- And increase engagement

With all these targets in mind, how are you going to keep things cool? Bridging has you covered. We have seven simple and brilliant ideas for social media campaign during Christmas.

Did you know there are now over 3.2 billion social media users worldwide? And more than 25 Million of the population users in Tanzania?

So if you are not promoting your brand and selling your product on social media, you are leaving money on the table. 76% of customers are ready to talk to buyers on social media. And social media account for more than 50% of revenue across 14 major industries.


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Of course, we don’t need to remind you that sales rise over the holidays. Your target is to build a community feeling around your social holiday campaigns. By focusing on creating a festive spirit than advertising of your business.

Effective social media campaign unites people with shared interests and makes them want to share their experiences with peers, colleagues, and family.

If you haven’t prepared your social media campaign to capture the attention. It times to use these 7 tips that make your social media festive.


1. Create covers and Profile Photos.

Christmas social media marketing

Your Cover Photo should still portray the ideals and personality of your brand. The appearance of your product or website will entice the customers.

People are using social media more during the holiday. So cover images will inspire them to search your social media account and look for exclusive deals or gift ideas.

To start with, try to take a picture of the Cover Photo as your billboard. And ask yourself what details you want to promote during the holiday season.

Your profile photo is your calling card. And the first thing that social media users look at when visiting your profile. Planning and perfecting your profile picture may seem like a lot of work, but trust us it pays off.

Even if your company is unable to offer any special holiday discounts. Post a photo of your office's Christmas decorations. And embellish it with your logo to give your social media a welcoming and festive feel.

According to research, each person has an average of 5 social media accounts. But uses three of them so that they don't stop on only one social media platform.

Upload identical holiday-themed cover photos to all your other social media profiles. To establish continuity and make it easy for visitors to locate and remember your brand. On their favorite social media network.

You definitely need a creative team to design and manage your social media accounts. So they can create a festive moment for your customers.


2. Create Merry Christmas Offer.

bridging technologies Christmas offers

December is the gift-giving month of the year, so you need to think about your upcoming best holiday offer.

Christmas is one of the largest purchasing seasons of the year. In which most retailers receive as much as 20% of their annual sales. So much effort is being made to persuade consumers to select a specific brand.

Consider this year is the most profitable year for retailers. You need to find a way to stand out from the crowd to see the offers.

Festival offer attracts people to buy more. You need to design attractive and creative graphic photos. To communicate with your customer both online and offline.

You need to make sure that creative people help you to create the best offer. That will perform well on social networks and also increase traffic to your website. So that you can convert them into customers.

Sometimes without conducting research on what the customer wants. And how your competitors are doing. You may offer irrelevant offers. That wills not, neither sales nor engagement with your customers.

Another way to stimulate transactions is to provide time-bound deals. That builds a sense of urgency and encourages consumers to act or risk losing out on a good deal.

Put emphasis on your concept with the discount, free gift, and other stickers. You can find it in the pre-designed Christmas models of the Content Maker.

In that sense, we find a sales strategy and integrate marketing tactics. To coming up with a creative concept that will increase your revenue.


Create a social media Hashtag Campaign.

social media marketing

What are hashtags and how do you use them? How do you run a Christmas hashtag campaign? how do you create a campaign that dominates and generates worthwhile results?

Well, to begin with, hashtags are a word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#). The hashtag used on social media websites and applications, especially Twitter. To identify messages and photos posted on a specific topic. Think of hashtags as categories for your social media posts. That allows you to show your post to those who look at the respective hashtags that you choose to use on your post.

The hashtags you use have to be associated with the contents of your social media message. Because this helps you to reach the right people.

People looking at the hashtags "Christmas tree". They re not looking for pictures of beaches and blue water. Social media hashtags boost your visibility and your presence on social media.

The more places your social media posts show up. The more people you're going to meet, the better results you’ll generate.

Inviting your social media followers to take part in your campaign using the hashtag. Increases the campaign engagement with the brand. It also leads to the development of reputation and guarantees a loyal audience. Followers can help promote your brand. By keeping on sharing your own post with your branded hashtag.

If you're creating a Christmas hashtag campaign. And the idea is to compile a series of posts from your audience. Use a new hashtag for that campaign that has no prior posts.

With that, you'll get a clearer overview of the posts that are part of the campaign. But also a keyword that is important to your company. Also, it would be helpful to have in mind that since you're doing a Christmas promotion.


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It's a good strategy to use a Christmas hashtag in one way or another. This helps viewers to know what your campaign is about. And as in all custom hashtags, you need to add the name of your campaign or the name of your store.


Create a social media contest.

social media marketing

Christmas is a time for sharing. Marketers use this holiday as a pick time. To build brand awareness and increase referrals. They grab customer’s attention with the best social media content ideas. And brilliant Christmas giveaways contest ideas to maintain users’ holiday mood.

Giveaways perform well on social media. And if you get some business or partner involved. You will expand you audience to impressive numbers.

When we get down to the basics, people enjoy the idea of becoming future winners. Using your social media sites to promote an offer and make sure the focus is on your company's products.

You can offer one big giveaway or a small one. This is depending on what you can afford to give away without losing the profit margins. This can be an easy item, like a gift card to your online shop.

People seem to find this kind of social media post now. The Christmas competition of brands on social media is different. And inspires to follow and look at what you’re doing.

Also, feel free to hold competitions among the workers in your office. Most businesses do this for office mates to feel a holiday mood. To take part in a party, and share emotions on social media will promote the brand among friends.

Your followers and supporters searching for gifts at this time of the year. Put together efforts to create a sophisticated gift contest for your business. You may set up a separate Christmas guide for families, children, women, and men.

Finally, by running a Christmas gift/contest type campaign. You need to be creative so that people could take a part in a campaign. That tends to engage more people, rather than running a campaign and marketing people.

With this method, you are promoting it to your audience. Keep in mind that when people have incentives, they're more likely to do something. The better the incentive, the more people will join your Christmas contest.


Use Social Media Ads.

bridging technologies - social media

When it comes to the holiday season. All the companies are anxious to come up with the best Christmas social media promotion.

Reaching new buyers means introducing them to what the brand has to deliver this season. The best way you can do it. Is to improve your valuable marketing messages by social media advertisements.

No wonder it’s a perfect opportunity to raise awareness, reach the target audience. campaign can get viral and create a community of loyal followers online.

Christmas advertising has always been an art. Every year brand competes for user’s interest. When picking a banner picture. it doesn't have to be about Christmas things only. Like Christmas trees, green, red decorations or Christmas presents. Instead, try to learn to drive your audience.

That is the place you need a creative team. That will create eye-catching ads with relevance to what the audience is looking for.

No matter what a position your brand is. Christmas is a perfect time to prove that there is something about your brand that is beyond ads and sales.

Connect the part of your holiday campaign with your business goals. And let followers see the value of your brand.


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Christmas Video Campaigns

Video remains the most viewed medium of content. When it comes to spreading your campaigns on social media like a flame, the video should be your go-to.

Yeah, it's time-consuming. It takes a team to bring together a great film. Dream of the essence of your company and the message you'd like to give to the world.

To make video content flexible. Concentrate on the idea and a compelling message and let the graphics tell a story.

Include comedy, make fun content that taps into feelings. And make something unforgettable and insightful. This style would be more influential and encourage people to share content.

If you have a short time and don't have a budget to run a video campaign. Try to make short films, bite-sized for your social media pages. These types of videos do need much editing and use a short amount of time.


Wish Happy Holidays

bridging technologies - holidays wish

Christmas is coming here. You're going to have some form of holiday greeting on your social media accounts on Christmas Day.

If you're looking for a Merry Christmas greeting or a more inclusive Happy Holiday. You don't need to have those words and a holiday photo as your message.

Try to do something new to stand out from the rest of the competitors. Find a creative way to express that with your products.

How you can create a quick post that is smart? How can you send seasonal greetings that integrate your shop, product, or brand?

It's not going to be difficult. You can create a smart line and a picture of your product/store dressing for the holidays.

Build an animation GIF greeting. GIFs encourage you to include a little animation in your greeting. Without going through the full video path. It doesn't have to be a difficult matter.

You can create GIF and apply your own message to it or make a quick greeting. You've got to make the message personal. Rather than a traditional greeting, say something genuine and out of your heart.

Something that has a holiday spirit, but also a brand feel.

Finally, you have already started to think about a campaign. How you are going to make this year’s holiday season worth celebrating.

To develop an effective social media marketing strategy. You will need to show your value. You don’t want to sell all the time.

Create content that will provide answers to the questions that people search for.

Do not wait to start preparing for the Christmas social media marketing. By taking the small steps now you will be able to set yourself for success and make it a profitable season.

For more ideas on how to design a perfect holiday campaign for your social media, make sure you contact us. We will help you create a great content design for your pages.

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