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How to write an email newsletter that people want to read
22, Jan 2022

If you think email marketing is not important for your business, think again.

Email marketing is one of the top online marketing in Tanzania. The transformation from native to digital marketing made the companies adapt to email marketing. We used to receive the newsletters in hard copy now we have Email newsletters.

An email newsletter is one of the finest marketing mediums to acquire new leads, boost brand awareness and foster better engagement.

HubSpot says email newsletters are an essential way to keep your subscribers up-to-date with relevant information.

Newsletters are faster and more effective than Facebook. However, if no one prefers reading your emails it simply spams in your customers' inboxes. You need to know how to write an email newsletter that people will read.

With the best email newsletters, you would be able to attract your readers, nurture them, and perhaps convert them into potential customers.

However, most marketers fail on how to write an email newsletter that will be warmly received by their target audience.

Instead, they just make one without giving it any consideration on newsletter content strategy. Hence, they make it seem excessively promotional and forceful.

This may cause readers to disregard your emails and just delete them or mark them as spam.

Before getting into the newsletter best practices, let understand what is the Email newsletter.


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What is Email Newsletter?

What is an email newsletter


An email newsletter is a type of communication that is delivered to subscribers to notify them about new deals, updated stock, and other stores/product-related news.

It is the most successful marketing method for increasing subscriber engagement.

The thought process of making it is to remind clients about you and your items. Newsletters are vital for the achievement of email promotion when utilized decisively.

With the aid of newsletters, you can keep them informed and interested. You need to understand how to get started with email marketing and improve your business.


Why Are Email Newsletters Important for Branding?

Why email newsletters are important


Business requires the best email newsletters to keep customers up to date on new products and services. It is more than just a means of staying in touch with clients. Here are some of the benefits:


Marketing and advertising

Email newsletters are one of the most effective online marketing in Tanzania. It is used to advertise and promote a new product or service inside your business. You can include graphic postings as well as accurate information about special deals in your advertising efforts.

Profitable offers will pique the readers' attention, and they will dive into the content to learn everything they can. One suggestion is to add top announcements and articles including product information.

It may also include a push-button for people to perform a certain activity, such as pressing a button to enter a contest or other similar tasks. They can also be used to promote the organization's new products or services.


Newsletters increase revenue and sales

How email marketing can increase sales


Email newsletters outperform social media, paid search, and direct mail, with a median ROI of 122 percent and low cost to your company.

Newsletters may also be effective conversion tools to promote purchases with your most engaged subscribers. You may educate your readers while offering unique deals to those that sign up.

When a subscriber receives a VIP deal, it may be just what they need to persuade them to buy anything from your business. Consider adding a unique discount code for each series if you want to know how effectively your newsletter is converting. You can then track how many subscribers converted by using the code on your website. Use this information to guide future efforts.


Increases the value of your brand

Increase your brand value with email marketing


Using newsletters, you may establish yourself as a strong industry leader and acquire knowledge. The best email newsletters are an excellent approach to creating trust and loyalty. As a result of this customers will be more inclined to contact you if they require assistance.

Send out new articles that provide significant information and cover the most recent topics and trends in your market and industry study. You may also provide information about any future conferences and presentations.

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Increase website traffic

Increase web traffic with email newsletter


It is the most efficient strategy to increase visitors to your store/website. Enhance your bulletins with CTAs to products, online journals to divert them into your website.

You may also include social sharing buttons in your brochures so that your customers can share your content on their social networks.

Pay close attention to your audience's purchasing habits and clicks with each email you send. So that you can create future themes that attract your readers. The more useful and tailored the material you provide, the more probable your audience will remain engaged.


Building Relationships

How does email marketing build customer relation


Sending email newsletters at normal spans is required either week by week, month to month, or quarterly.

The monthly newsletter has worked for many businesses. Consistency is crucial for catching everyone's attention and maintaining excellent relationships with clients.

The key is to provide good information while also offering incentives to your subscribers in each newsletter. This helps you to nurture potential clients and interact with them on their chosen platform one-on-one.

Recently, competition has increased in online marketing in Tanzania especially in email. You have to work hard in this industry, to preserve your place. Also, to build relationships with your customers and clients.

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Email Newsletter best practices for 2022

Here, we'll provide you with a few emails newsletter best practices you can follow to create a fantastic newsletter that your audience will love and want to read.


1. Write newsletters that offers value to the readers

Write newsletters that offers value


While newsletters can be used to market, it is not their primary function. A newsletter's primary purpose is to deliver value or knowledge to its subscribers.

The importance of value cannot be overstated, because no one would spend time on something that would not benefit them.

So, while creating your email, aim for at least 90% instructional content and 10% commercial content. You may provide value by providing insider information, periodic updates, or even complimentary items.

If you are unsure whether your newsletters are beneficial to your readers, the best way to find out is to ask them. The effective newsletter content strategy will make you understand the customer's needs.

An email newsletter is only effective if your users read it. If your material seems like a promotional ad, it will wind up in the spam folder.

Instead of attempting to market your items in newsletters, consider sharing some important, educational content with your readers. This is what professional newsletters are intended for.


2. Keep your content concise and easy to read

Create information that is concise and to the point.

People don't want to sit and read along, dull text, they want facts. You must be exact with your content if you want people to read your email newsletters.

When people see a long block of content, they are typically unmotivated to read. They will likely skim it or even miss it completely. If no one reads your newsletters, your efforts are worthless.

Creating a newsletter content strategy will help you write the content that people want to read.

Effective email content will help you grab the customer’s attention and click on your CTA’s.

According to marketing experts, email newsletters should be between 200 and 500 words long. Readers are more likely to be satisfied when the information is catchy.

Put yourself in your readers' place and consider how much time you have in a day to check your emails. This will help you figure out how much information you can provide to your reader.

Here are a few pointers for generating concise content while creating an email newsletter.

  • Determine what your viewers desire before beginning to write the material.
  • Don't begin your content with an aim of 200 words, you'll wind up losing out on a lot.
  • Write your material as usual, then reduce it to make it more concise.
  • If your material is lengthy, you may always send professional newsletters in two parts.

Your email newsletter is more likely to be marked as spam if long and boring material. The main reason for creating an email newsletter is to enhance conversion rates, so keep your material short and sweet.

Provide your audience with only the best information, saving them time and increasing your reputation and confidence.

You can learn more on tips to write effective email content.

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3. Use images to enhance your newsletter

use images to enhance your email marketing campaign


One of the greatest practices for email newsletters is to provide elegant and visually appealing material. Because email newsletters are delivered straight to readers' inboxes, only compelling material will increase conversions.

Newsletters with only text might be so dull that readers will not read them. As a result, we may employ photos or GIFs to catch your readers' attention and persuade them to read on.

You may use photos to just pique readers' interest in the newsletter's theme. You can use them to interact with the text and clarify the material to your readers.

However, don't overuse photos or rely only on them to generate a decent email. If the image fails to load, your information may not make sense to the readers.

You may provide alt text to ensure that visitors understand what the image was about even if it doesn't load.

Here are some pointers for creating appealingly visual

  • Avoid congestion by optimizing your content with appropriate white space.
  • Use suitable colors to retain readers' attention to the information.
  • Avoid using copyrighted photographs and instead, use royalty-free images.
  • Always use legible professional typefaces while creating newsletters.
  • Make sure you select a unique template that will keep people interested.
  • Maintain a color palette that is comparable to your company's logo.
  • Use subheadings to break up your dull information.


4. Make sure the newsletters are consistent with your brand

Maintaining a regular relationship with your consumers via email newsletters will show them that you care about them and their thoughts.

Getting the appropriate audience is difficult, and keeping them is much more difficult.

As a result, you must make persistent attempts to create loyalty.

If you are unable to commit to a newsletter schedule, your audience will be unable to commit to you.

You want your clients to sign up for your email newsletters, right? will you be able to do this by sticking to a strict publication schedule.

Readers will lose interest in your email newsletters if you deliver them infrequently or without a consistent timetable.

Reading your newsletter should be a priority for your clients, not an option between 'I may or may not read it.' Always remember to stick to your newsletter schedule.

Use a content calendar to prepare your newsletters and send them out to your audience regularly. Depending on your business's demands and justifications, the regular interval might be daily, weekly, or even monthly.

By organizing your newsletters ahead of time, you can guarantee that your content is well-written, the email renders properly, and you send the emails on time. This will take some of the pressure off your shoulders while creating material, and you won't have to hustle to put together a good newsletter.


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5. Optimize your newsletters for mobile devices

Optimize your email newsletter with mobile devices


Smartphone and tablet sales demonstrate the value of being adaptable and connected in modern life.

Numerous studies have indicated that an increasing number of individuals are mailing, talking, and surfing without desktop computers. They prefer to use smartphones and tablets at home rather than desktop or notebook PCs. It is becoming common for e-mails to be delivered by smartphone.

Responsive design may overcome the restrictions of screen resolutions with the aid of current web design.  what does not fit is made to fit. You should have a dynamic layout that adjusts to the size of the screen.


6. Segment list based on interest and send appropriate newsletters

Importance of email segmentation


Do you want to enhance your email open rates, increase your click rates, and reduce your unsubscribe rates?

Email segmentation has the potential to significantly increase the efficacy of your email marketing initiatives.

Email list segmentation is a strategy used by email marketers to deliver highly targeted emails. They break down their list into smaller groups, or "segments."


Understanding the qualities that distinguish each of these groups allows you to personalize the content of your email marketing messages.

Consider this: does it make sense to send the identical sales email to brand-new subscribers as well as engaged subscribers?

It doesn’t!


This is because your subscribers are at different phases of your sales funnel. Subscribers that interact with your emails regularly will be more "sales-ready" than new or casual consumers.


You may focus on sending emails that establish trust and rapport by segmenting your email list and identifying your new subscribers. For your most engaged readers, you may send emails geared at converting them into paying clients.


7. Use some CTAs in your newsletter if possible

effective CTA for email marketing


A call to action (CTA) is required for every email marketing campaign to be successful. Otherwise, you're throwing information at the reader with no opportunity for them to do anything with it.

If people have to go to your website on their own, you can't depend that they'll get an email about a discount and hurry to it.

By giving them a direct connection to your online store, you improve the chances of them making a purchase.

Boring CTA buttons that don't provide much information will not entice your users to click. Instead, you should use the following email call to action writing tips:


  • Instead of "submit," rethink your language and use simple phrases like "try," "discover," or "obtain." These words are easier to understand and convey a more relaxed tone.
  • Your CTA button should be large enough to be noticed.
  • In your email, include directional indicators like arrows or graphics to highlight where the CTA is.
  • Add interactivity to the CTA button, such as color changes, to make it harder to overlook and more entertaining to engage with.



Emails may frequently create or destroy a consumer's confidence in the competitive world of email. You need to understand how to write an email newsletter that can lead to conversion.

Email marketing plays an important in the growth of your business. You just need to know the ways how to be successful in email marketing.

 If done well, newsletters can be used to attract new clients, improve your company's image, and increase business profit. Businesses must recognize that each email sent must be of value to the client.

Email newsletters are an essential component of any email marketing campaign. Using the best practices outlined above, you will be able to design a winning email newsletter that will assist you in converting more leads and growing your business.

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