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ways to improve your customer retention through email marketing
11, Apr 2022

If you want to build a business, you need to take care of your biggest assets. The biggest asset is customers.

Unfortunately, most businesses are obsessed with lead generation but careless when it comes to customer retention.

Of course, acquiring new leads is great, but retaining existing customers should be your primary focus.

The marketing strategies have to work in acquiring and retaining customers. One of the best strategies to use is email marketing.

Email marketing has become the best strategy for online marketing in Tanzania. This is because it cost-effective and easy way to target your specific consumers.

It’s great for product awareness and generating new leads, but also for boosting customer retention.

Despite the rising competition from social media, email continues to be the best online marketing in Tanzania for B2B marketing.

It’s considered the most effective digital channel to use for retaining customers

It’s common for businesses to make customer acquisition a top priority in marketing campaigns. Some companies leave customer retention to take the backseat.

This is a big mistake. Not having a strategy in place to nurture a relationship with them can account for the clients' losses.

It also takes a lot more money to acquire a new prospect than to retain one.

Research shows it costs five times more to gain a new customer. So, ask yourself, are you doing enough to retain your customers?

If not, keep reading…

When it comes to client retention, it boils down to building a strong relationship with existing clients. Also, find ways to upsell your products and increase your consumer lifetime value (CLV).

Email marketing for customer retention is the most effective digital channel to achieve. It’s allowing you to send highly personalized, relevant content directly to your target audience.

But how exactly you can use email marketing to improve your customer retention strategies?

Email marketing is a simple effective strategy that converts prospects into consumers through content.

Marketing is all about attracting and retaining potential consumers to your business.

When a prospect becomes a customer, they may have some doubts about the product.

To make them come back again and again, it is necessary to use some tactics.

The new marketing funnel is now focused on the post-purchase stages.

The end goal is no longer to convert prospects into leads. It is beyond that.

Companies now want to maximize the lifetime value of loyal clients who will be repeat customers of the brand.

When consumers are engaged, they will stick with the company as they understand the basic needs.

This increases the client base's lifetime value and improves long-term profitability.


Benefits of using email marketing for customer retention strategies

benefits of customer retention for the business


You might have a lot of questions about why is email marketing preferred for customer retention? Here are the benefits of using it:

It cost-effective

Retaining current consumers is usually less expensive than getting new ones. Although new prospects acquisition is critical for business growth.

When you lose a client, you end up paying a lot of money to replace that client. Even if retention initiatives would be more cost-effective.

Email marketing should be a core component of your customer retention strategies. Email is a cost-effective outreach.

It enables a high engagement and open rates associated with it.

Bridging technologies is one of the best marketing agencies in Tanzania.

We have a whole team of experts who can help you create a retention email strategy.

Offers great referral to potential customers.

Retained clients offer greater referrals to potential prospects. It helps grow your client’s base. A great served customer can be able to recommend your product or service to family and friends.

By retaining customers and increasing loyalty, you can invest in a dedicated base of customers. You may offer additional value as advocates who drive referrals for your business.

Build loyalty

Loyal clients offer greater lifetime value. The longer customers stay with your business, the greater their overall lifetime value (LTV).

This improves the ROI of your acquisition efforts and stabilizes your company’s revenue streams.

Customer satisfaction

Customer retention is a reflection of client satisfaction. When you’ve got low turnover rates, it means you’re succeeding in all phases. From acquiring the right customers, delivering a great customer experience, and building brand loyalty.

Schedule a free consultation today with the trusted Digital marketing agency in Tanzania.

Tips for building an email marketing strategy focused on customer retention

There are ways to retain customers that every company can follow. Scaling customer messaging through emails can be highly helpful in coordinating with customers.

1. Use segmentation or don’t bother sending emails.

When it comes to emailing existing clients, you must provide content that is personalized and relevant to them.

Inboxes are constantly flooded each day. People are scanning through to find which ones to read and which ones to just mark as read. This is a familiar activity for most of us and is likely what your customers do as well.

Make sure your customer lists are segmented. With a high level of segmentation, it is possible to slice the audience as per levels of retention.

Segmenting customers will help improve concepts of upselling or reselling.

Having categories like active users, fewer users, promoters, fans, etc. can help.

People who aren't as familiar with the brand will learn more about it if they receive the correct emails.

Research by Adage found that segmented, personalized emails will be the most important marketing capability in the future.

Based on categories, you can send related content that will impact the users to react in a certain manner.

Tools like BTL Campaign are great for segmenting existing customers.

They will send out trigger emails when customers take a specific action. For example, if a customer is browsing a specific product page, a trigger email can be sent with further product information.

2. Use email to send personalized messages.

personalized email generate higher open rate

Email or not, personalization has grown to become an essential component of digital marketing.

It starts with something as simple as including the customer’s name.

It may not sound like much, but personalized subject lines generate a 50% higher open rate.

However, if you are serious about personalization, you will send your customers unique emails with recommended products. This is one of the best ways to retain customers.

The recommendation can be based on their previous purchases or informative blogs based on their preferences.

You can learn more about how to build a list from the website.

Friendly reminders about upcoming products can also help to establish a personalized relationship.

Personalization acts as a sort of snowball effect. The more you tailor a customer’s experience, the more data they give you.

The data can then be used to further personalize their experience, and so on.

Many businesses use a digital rewards platform to store customer data, and segment customers into various categories.

This allows for more targeted communications. Also increases engagement, and makes the customer feel more important.

Email marketing offers a high degree of personalization which is important for customer engagement. That’s why email marketing for customer retention is the most effective strategy.

Research has found that emails with personalized subject lines have a higher open rate on average.

You can learn more on How to Get Super High Open Rate.

Of course, it would be pretty expensive if you tried to make every email unique.

The best way to go about personalization is to use the tools.

Bridging Technologies as one of the best in online marketing in Tanzania have the best tool for you.

BTL Campaign can help you in customer segmentation.

Customers can be based on things like industry, business size, engagement level, products purchased, location, etc.

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3. Use it to send special promotions to customers

Customer promotional email

Since every marketer is aware of email marketing’s high ROI. Your prospects’ inboxes are full of the same promotional emails.

With so many overcrowded inboxes, you need to stand out to get your emails opened and clicked.

Writing high-converting promotional emails is the key. It can help you to convert subscribers into customers. Also, help you increase your revenue day after day.

Your promotional emails are more likely to be marked as spam if long and boring material.

The main reason for creating an email is to enhance conversion rates, so keep your material short and sweet.

Provide your audience with only the best information, saving them time and increasing your reputation and confidence.

You need to understand how to write great content that can convert your prospect into customers.

You can learn more about Tips to write effective email content.

Bridging technologies is one of the best marketing agencies in Tanzania.

We have a whole team of experts who can help you create a retention email strategy.

4. Communicate product value clearly

The best way to maintain your existing customers’ email inboxes is to send content that benefits them.

I’m not talking about a “special offer” or an “exclusive deal”.

Let the customer know which pain points you can help them solve. What sets you apart from the competition.

Most importantly, where they can find resources to help them unlock the potential of your product and get the most value from it.

Always remind them of the value they're getting from your product.

If your business sells home décor and house furniture, send your subscribers some useful blogs.

The blog can be about how to keep your living room warm or how to create a productive workspace in your bedroom.

It’s also worth noting that quality content doesn’t necessarily mean blogs and other written information.

By including video content in your emails, you can boost click rates by up to 300%.

The idea is to consistently give customers something for free, regularly.

Customer retention email strategy involves nurturing your relationships.

In a retention email strategy, you can build relationships by providing something valuable to your audience.

This can be in the form of case studies, interviews, and blog posts that provide knowledge and inspiration to your readers.

You might be sending out email newsletters and not getting responses on the value you are communicating.

You might be conducting on few mistakes in your email newsletters.

Learn more about Mistakes You Are Making with Your Email Newsletter

5. Build feedback loops

customer email feedback

This is one of the ways to retain customers. You should be regularly asking all of them from your email list for feedback.

Those who engage can provide the most valuable feedback. They'll tell you which areas of your product or service need attention and improvement

Customer feedback gives you actionable data to improve your product and marketing with customer retention strategies.

Without knowing how your customers feel about your service you can’t make informed decisions.

You may ask yourself, why is email marketing preferred for customer retention?

Email is an effective channel to get feedback from your customers.

Bridging Technologies, the best digital marketing agency in Tanzania has a bulk email platform. The platform can be used to get out feedback.

Here are three benefits of using our bulk email platform for surveys:

  • Email is trackable, you can see who opens the emails, who responds, and who needs following up.
  • Email gets instant feedback; email allows for quick feedback. You can quickly act on any problems and implement processes to stop them from happening again.
  • Emails are automated: Manually doing client surveys can take forever. Our bulk email platform helps you automate the process so you can reduce your work.

If you want to get into the details on how to structure a good feedback survey over email. Contact us the best digital marketing agency in Tanzania and subscribe now.

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From the above explanation, you have understood why is email marketing preferred for customer retention.

No matter how well your emails are written, retention will occur only if your consumers think they are receiving something of value.

If your material isn't relevant to their circumstance, they'll unsubscribe or mark you as spam.

Don't abandon them once you've completed a deal. Send them articles and videos with relevant information that you feel they would like.

You can learn more about how to get started with email marketing.

This is especially effective if the information is related to items they have purchased.

Show them new ways to use the product or offer troubleshooting advice.

Bridging technologies as one of the best marketing agencies in Tanzania has your back. We have a great bulk email platform for you.

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