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Email Marketing Services: How to Get Super High Open Rate
1, Sep 2021

Think that email is dead? Think again.

Email marketing is the best-kept business secret, and we’ve got the tricks to increase your open rate...

Email marketing service is one of the most underrated platforms when it comes to profit-making in business.

You may be asking yourself, why businesses aren’t making the most of their email marketing potential.

Bridging Technologies will explain to you why it’s so important to engage with your audience via their inbox.

Many marketers and business owners focus on Instagram and Facebook only. But email marketing service is an important factor which they can rely on for reasons.

You own the relationship between you and your audience. No one can charge you for the privilege of speaking to your followers (unlike other social media).

Your followers see your emails right in their inboxes. Often on social media platforms, your followers sometimes don’t get to see all your content. Because sometimes it is late, filtered, or hidden.

It’s said that Facebook only delivers your post to around 10% of your following. That’s a lot of missed opportunities!

To understand more opportunities about email marketing visit.  “How and why email marketing is important to your business

One of the most important email marketing metrics is your open rate. Because it’s a vital sign of how engaged your email recipients are with your content.

A low open rate could suggest that you’re reaching the wrong people. Or your content isn’t the one people are hoping to receive.

A high open rate tells you that the recipient is engaging with your content well.

Your contents are relevant and they are fine to continue to receive more of them from you.

But this doesn’t come that easy as it seems, you need to work on it.

In this blog, we will explain to you how to get a high open rate which can impact your business success.



What is the email open rate?

what is open rate?


Open rate is a percentage that tells you how many delivered campaigns were opened by subscribers.

Open Rate is one of the best ways to tell whether your email strategy is working or not.

This number shows what percentage of your audience opens the emails you send them. If you have a higher open rate, it usually means your subject lines resonate with your audience.


What affects email open rate?

Bridging Technologies as a digital marketing agency in Tanzania has analyzed the following reasons:

  • The subject line is not relevant or interesting enough
  • Your audience composed of a wide variety of subscribers
  • You may be sending too many or too few campaigns

Would you like help you to know the average open rate more? Drop us a line. We’d love to help you expertise, create and automate your email conversations so you succeed in your campaign.


How to calculate email open Rate?

How to calculate email open Rate?

You can calculate the open rate of your campaign using the following formula:

Average Open Rate = Number of Emails opened / Number of Delivered Emails ×100

The average open rate is the percentage of recipients that open an email message from a sender.

It’s calculated by dividing the number of people who open the email by the number of people who received the email.

The average open rate is the open rate averaged across all email campaigns.

Have you understood how to calculate the email open rate? If NO click here for more clarification.



Why Improve Email Open Rate?

The answer to this question may seem a little understandable, so we won’t spend too much time on this section.

Yet, it is worth taking a moment to remind ourselves of exactly why we should be working to increase our email open rate.

Boosting your open rate is beneficial for several reasons:

  1. You earn an opportunity to communicate with those who matter to your business.
  2. It helps your increase the return on investment on email marketing campaign. Also time spent on creating great marketing campaigns.
  3. It is an indicator that you are delivering emails that resonate with your audience.
  4. It helps you build brand recognition and trust through constant communication.
  5. It can help you generate more sales (for every $1 you spend you could generate a $42 return).


How to Get Super High Open Rate?

1) Ask a Question

Gmail now has over 900 million users ( It is unique in dividing user emails between Primary, Social, and Promotional folders.

For most businesses, getting emails in the Primary inbox is a challenge.

You have to do something to help your content hit into the Primary box and make subscribers look for your emails. You have to ask questions in your emails and invite readers to hit “Reply” with their response.

Receiving regular replies to your address verifies to Google that the recipients desire your mail.

It can also give you a better chance of getting in their Primary inbox, which leads to more opens.

Even when responses aren’t provided. Asking questions can communicate to readers that you are in a two-way conversation.

These days, many content providers won’t even reply to direct inquiries. Inviting response helps build trust and communicate two-way interest.


Get started with Bridging Technologies. Click Here


2) Clean Your Data

Clean Your Data


Even if you are collecting high-quality data, over time your list can become inflexible.

List members may stop engaging with your content for several reasons. One is finding a different solution or no longer interested.

You can keep your list fresh by removing a member who hasn't engaged with emails you have sent in the past 6 to 12 months.

Yet, you may also try to re-engage them with a punchy follow-up message asking if they still want to be on your list.

Some lists will also get spam sign-ups. Take the time to check and remove these from your lists.

There is no point in spending time and money marketing to an audience who isn't interested in your business or don’t exist.

3) Personalize with Segmentation

Segmentation is a popular and important part of successful email marketing. Segmenting your list based on several criteria can help you ensure that people receive emails that are relevant and useful to them.

You can segment in countless ways, including:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Industry
  • Job Title
  • Income

Segmentation of your emails to their specific needs is a great way to increase the open rate.

A good email marketing service will support your efforts in many ways. Will help you clean your data and providing tips on writing better subject lines.

You can contact us so that we can provide you a guide for easy segmentation of your data.

4) Get Your Timing Right

Take a while to consider the best time to send your emails. You will be surprised how much of a difference good timing can make to your open rate.

To put this into perspective consider when you are most likely to open and act upon an email:

  1. When you are asleep
  2. When you are watching an episode of your favorite series
  3. When you are driving to work
  4. When you first get into work
  5. When you are taking a break
  6. When you are at your busiest during the working day

Each of these times will perform different.

According to online advice on the best time to send your emails, there are 3 crucial periods to consider:-

  • 12 a.m. to      capture people who open their emails as soon as they wake up
  • 1 p.m. for      people to check after they finish their lunch
  • 4 p.m. for      people who are looking for distractions at the end of the workday

These times are a great place to start with. Find the very best time will depend on many factors specific to your circumstances.

Such as types of individuals you are targeting, the product or service you are giving, and the tone of the emails.

You can use best practices as a starting place. But it will take time to assess days and intervals that impact your email open rate.

If your audience is between different time zones, use segmentation to send emails. Different time zones and times can also boost your open rate.



5) Write a finest Subject Line

Without a doubt, there is no part of your email more important than your subject line.

With peoples’ time full of activity and their inboxes overcrowded. Your subject can play a good role on them.

Your subject only needs to try and convince your audience that the email is worth opening.

There is lots of advice on how to write an awesome subject line. Follow these few simple rules:

  1. Make a promise of a significant value
  2. Keep it relevant
  3. Don’t use over sales language
  4. Keep it short and to the point.

Traditional subject lines tend to focus on a product or service. Applying these rules and being creative is a sure-fire way to get more opens. For example, instead of using:

“Download Our Marketing Guides Now”


“Want to be a better marketer?”

Even put in an emoji in the subject line, since the evidence shows that this can increase the open rate.

Our experts are eager to hear a word from you.

6) Develop Audience Trust & Delivery Amounts of Value

Which emails do you open and which ones do you delete without a second thought?

Those who come from people and businesses you know are likely to be your considerate (unless you don’t like them).

Developing brand recognition and trust is easier said than done. Also, it is an effective way to get your emails opened.

This can be done always sending great emails that help your audience solve a problem.

For example: - If ‘Business X’ always sends you super relevant, helpful, and insightful emails. Then you are going to open it quick and excited.

Likewise, if ‘Business Y’ sends you emails that try to sell their products, you can delete their message. You may even block them with no second thought.

7) Make Your Content Shareable

A great way to succeed in an email marketing campaign is to influence the audience to share your content. With the relationships they have with others they can share your business.

Working hard and make your content valuable. You will prompt those you send it to share that content with others.

Not only that is a great way to build a bigger email list, but also will help you boost your open rate.

People who receive a forwarded email from someone they know and trust, are much more likely to open them.

Creating better content isn’t the only way to succeed. You can openly ask your audience to forward your email to anyone they think would benefit.

8) Keep it Snappy

Keeping your emails short may seem counter-intuitive. It is when you are thinking about adding as much value as possible.

Yet, you should also consider the fact that most of your audience won’t have time to read long, sprawling emails.

Try to add as much value as possible in a few words possible. Be direct and only say exactly what you need to get your point across.

Of course, some subjects warrant many details, but the email itself isn’t always the best place to do so.

Take for instance the subject of this article “How to get super high open rate”.

If we were to send an email on this subject, first we would have to include a summary of the key points. And later on, we provide a link to a longer blog post for the reader to learn more.

Regardless of how much value you provide and how engaging your writing is.

The simple fact is some people will not even open your email. If it looks like it is going to take up a considerable amount of their time.

9) Break Up Text

Picking whether to send a plain-text or designed email can be a tricky decision.

Plain text can make your email seem more personal. Whereas designed one benefits from attention-grabbing graphics.

Relevant images are a good way to do this. You may also use videos, podcasts, and colorful infographics to deliver key messages.

A note: When using images, video, and other content you need to ensure that the recipients can view that content on any device they may use.

10) Make it Personal

People are more likely to open and engage with emails when they feel the content directed at them. One simple way to do this is to write with one individual in mind.

It is easy to get trapped in writing for a large audience. Write emails with a single person in mind to create content that will better sound to each audience.

Bridging Technologies helps you with personalization of emails, give us a call.

Creating a buyer persona is an efficient way to ensure you are writing direct to each recipient.

It will also help you take a more friendly tone. And put a sense of humor into your emails, which can increase your average open Rate.



11) Avoid the Spam Folder

Avoid using spam words


Spam folders are where potential great marketing emails fail. Here are a few quick tips to avoid your emails finding their way to the spam folders:

  • Keep your data clean.
  • Chose images careful.
  • Check email size, keep it as low as possible while keeping high quality.
  • Stay honest, align to your subject line, content, and business offering.
  • Avoid overusing sales language like buy, free, prize, win, etc.
  • Consistent send from one trusted account.
  • Send high-quality emails.

Note: Email service providers are getting smarter at detecting spam don't play tricks.

12) Clean up your database

While you might think that the larger database you have, the better, you are wrong.

A small clean list will always have better results than a large dirty one!

If you keep your lists clean, it minimizes your chance of ending up in the junk. Spam filters will pick up on your dirty database and block your emails from even arriving in an inbox.

In a digital marketing industry, you need to have an active and engaged database for a high open rate.

If someone hasn’t opened an email for 12 months, delete them from your list. This keeps your reputation clean and reduces your platform costs.

It means that if someone wants to drop off and then later re-subscribe, they can.

Whereas if it gets marked as spam, they can’t easily rejoin.


Wrapping Up

Open rate can help save your business by improving the response rate of future campaigns.

Knowing how to calculate email open rates will give you information. And that info will help to know your recipient's response to your campaign.

Make your plans for open rates, follow them and let the campaign generate cash for your business.

You will be surprised how your open rate will impact your business success.

Bridging Technologies, as a digital marketing agency in Tanzania, has reputable email marketing experts. You can contact us for consultation.

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