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strategies for real estate email marketing
24, Mar 2022

If you are a real estate agent, it would be silly not to take advantage of one of the best online marketing in Tanzania, which is Email Marketing.

Email is a foolproof way to reach out and touch your audience with information that they want or care about.

When you want a new shirt, it's frequently a thoughtless purchase. You can just buy one without any consideration.

The same cannot be applied in purchasing a plot. Plots are high-priced that need a great deal of study and deliberation before making a purchase.

This means that real estate marketers must devote time to nurturing consumers to acquire their loyalty. They can't rush to the sale or try to force prospective purchasers to make a decision.

Real estate email marketing can take a lot of effort, but the payoff is considerably bigger than that of selling one shirt.

Does your company have a successful real estate email marketing strategy in place?

With almost 90% of B2B marketers using email marketing, you need some serious good email copy to get ahead of the game.

If not, developing one should be the next priority on your to-do list.

Successful email campaigns regularly prove to offer the most ROI than any channel. Real estate agencies, claim it as cost-effective as lead generation in this industry tends to be very expensive.

Nonetheless, that high ROI is only claimed by agencies that understand what it takes to design successful campaigns.

Bridging Technologies being the best digital marketing agency in Tanzania is ready to help you reach your goals.

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Email marketing is one of the top online marketing in Tanzania. Before you start putting together your real estate email marketing strategy. There are a couple of factors you need to take into account if you want to drive revenue for your business.

• Be innovative.

When it comes to real estate email marketing ideas, you need to be more creative. This can be done by diversifying the sort of information you send and making it more engaging than merely property updates. That is how you will distinguish yourself from your rivals.

• Keep your email list up to date.

A real estate marketing plan is sensitive in business. Updating your email list is one of the most important practices to ensure a low complaint rate and a high engagement rate.

This includes only adding them to your email list with their express consent and making sure to delete them if they ask you to.

It is preferable to have a smaller, more engaged list than a large list of real estate leads who never open emails

Top 4 real estate email marketing strategies to try

real estate email marketing strategies

Successful real estate email marketing may help you create trust and loyalty with consumers by showing that you value them as individuals.

As the best digital marketing agency in Tanzania, we have analyzed the following strategies for a real estate marketing plan.


  1. Design targeted emails

Make sure that the design of your emails is tailored to the purpose of your email campaign.

For example, your property bulletins must be structured differently from your newsletters.

The emails should be targeted at what you want customers to do. For example, clicks to the website or providing information. They should also be branded so customers can easily realize they are from you.

This is significant because there are so many real estate agents seeking to sell plots or rent houses. Clients might become overwhelmed by all of the possibilities.

You must make your brand unique so that people would contact you for their real estate requirements.

There are a few measures you can take if you want to design your emails to boost interactions with your business.

A great way is to have real estate email marketing templates. Rather than starting from scratch each time, create a template for each sort of email.

Create a new project template into which you can rapidly insert new plots. This will make the procedure faster in the future.

Create the best real estate newsletters template that will be customized every month. Newsletters are one of the most effective online marketing in Tanzania.

Learn more: How to write an email newsletter that people want to read

Also, you can sign up for your competitors' newsletters. This will help you to know what sort of design and text they are using and if it can work for you. This is the best way to discover the best real estate newsletters and adopt them.

You can learn by looking at the best real estate newsletters and property that other real estate agents send to their clients.

Finding real estate email marketing templates will help you develop better content.

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  1. Segment your customer base

customers segmentation

People receive a large number of emails every day. Don't add to the pile by giving them unnecessary material.

Instead, send them just emails that are relevant to their circumstance.

This is especially critical for people you need to nurture over time if they aren't yet ready to buy or rent.

You need to provide them with enough information particularly material that is relevant to the property market. Rather than just sending business updates.

To establish a relationship with them, you need to stay on top of mind when they are ready. But not so much that they unsubscribe from your emails

To do this, you must segment your consumer base. Renters or purchasers, budget, stage in the purchasing process, and location are all instances of market segmentation.

When you segment your client base, you improve the experience and boost newsletter opens, clicks, and engagement.

Audience segmentation is one of the factors that increase your click rates and reduce your unsubscribe rates.

Learn more on how to get a super high open-rate.

Make sure you get as much information on your clients' demographics and preferences as possible. It can be over the phone, through a sign-up form, or in person during an appointment.

To generate up-to-date, accurate segments, you should centralize all of the data you receive from various sources. The data can be from appointments, social media, email newsletters, or phone conversations.

When you segment your email list, you designate which contacts will receive different types of email campaigns.

This allows you to continually create relevant emails for every person on your contact list.

They include potential buyers, potential sellers, previous buyer clients, previous sellers, and new homeowners.


  1. Present a Call to Action

We send emails because we have an action that we want customers to make.

CTAs are the best strategies for real estate email marketing. Your emails should have a prominent call to action (CTA) that invites readers to take some kind of action.

Even when your email’s primary purpose is not to make a sale, it’s an opportunity to engage with each of your contacts.

Provide your audience with only the best information, saving them time and increasing your sales.

You can learn more on tips to write effective email content.

Your CTA can be an offer to schedule a phone call, a meeting, connect on LinkedIn, or a simple question to answer.

Whatever your CTA, make sure it’s relevant to your email content and easy for your lead.

4. Automate campaigns

automate email marketing campaign

When it comes to email marketing for a real estate company, the key to success is sending the appropriate material to the right consumers at the right time.

However, doing it manually is difficult.

When a consumer performs a certain action, an automated email campaign is delivered. This initiates a sequence of emails that are delivered at predetermined intervals and are tailored to the customer's behavior.

Creating automated email campaigns guarantees that consumers receive individualized content based on their demography, preferences, and lifecycle stage.

For example, when a consumer subscribes to your newsletter, you may send out automatic welcome mailings with plots market statistics.

Then, in the following email, provide information about the top cafés, pubs, restaurants, and schools in the regions they are interested in. The following email in the sequence would be a property bulletin.

Automated campaigns may also assist you in avoiding blunders that irritate clients, such as sending plot announcements to customers who have just purchased a plot.

Not only are automated email marketing more successful, but they also save you time and money.

To set automated email, you need to determine frequent behavior.

You must identify what activities clients do regularly that might assist you in nurturing them through the buying or renting process. This includes scheduling a site visit in your email list.

Each email's success should be measured as follows: Keep an eye on the engagement rates for each message you send.

Not only for the campaign but also content, to see whether the content needs to be tweaked.

You need the most effective email marketing software for managing real estate campaigns.

When it comes to establishing real estate email marketing templates, email marketing software may be really helpful.

It not only automates difficult operations, saving you time and money, but it also makes it easier to deliver relevant, tailored information, improving email efficiency.

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Here are our picks of the best software to manage your campaigns.

Here is the best options software to consider in your real estate email marketing plan:

BTL Campaign

email marketing software

Creating automated email campaigns can be tricky, especially if you’re new to email marketing or the real estate industry.

That’s why having an email marketing solution that does it for you is very helpful.

BTL Campaign is a digital marketing platform that helps businesses connect various customer touchpoints for seamless customer service and engagement.

The product includes many email marketing automation tools used to create and send personalized or targeted email campaigns. Users can also segment customers based on interests or buying habits.

When it comes to email marketing, BTL Campaign can provide further details on when messages were opened and at what specific time.

This can help marketing teams to schedule their email campaigns. They can even group the emails in batches and leverage tools like Deliverability Score.


You can choose a Mailchimp template to create an automated email campaign.

Mailchimp provides automated email templates for common behavioral triggers so you don’t have to set up workflows yourself.

You can also choose to only send these automated campaigns to specific segments of your email list. All you have to do to put together these campaigns is to create content.

You need to constantly update your segments to make sure you’re always sending relevant information to your contacts, but doing this manually is time-consuming.


Email is arguably one of the best strategies for real estate email marketing strategies. It can increase brand awareness and nurture potential clients.

By intentionally creating specific campaigns, you’ll have a greater chance of securing clients and increasing sales.

Recently, competition has increased in online marketing in Tanzania, especially in email. You have to work hard in this industry, to preserve your place. Also, to build relationships with your customers and clients.

Bridging Technologies have a platform that gave companies the option to send free bulk email marketing in Tanzania.

Consider scheduling a free consultation meeting with a prominent digital marketing agency in Tanzania.

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