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5, Jan 2024
Key Components of a Digital Transformation Strategy - 2024

Stepping into the landscape of 2024, the digital realm continues to evolve, urging organizations to refine and fortify their digital transformation strategies. You already know how digital transformation unlocks new opportunities for All Stakeholders.

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21, Nov 2023
Digital Transformation in Non-Profits: Unlocking New Opportunities for All Stakeholders

Non-profit organizations, just like businesses, are embracing digital transformation to enhance their impact and reach.

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16, Oct 2023
Activate your mini website today and boost your online presence!

We're excited to introduce a game-changing feature that will take your business to new heights - the Mini Website on MasokoDigital

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7, Nov 2022
Tanzania Real-Estate Business: Why And Where To Empower Successful Digital Transformation?

It's fair to assume that digital transformation has disrupted the real estate industry. The objective of digital transformation is to improve processes whenever possible by utilizing a new technology. Some Real estate businesses employ digital technologies like blockchain, 3D virtual tours, smart contracts, and PlotBox to prosper in the real estate sector.

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20, Sep 2022
What is Digital Transformation, And Its Purpose in Our Businesses

Digital transformation is more than just adopting new technologies, it is also about changing how we work, interact, learn, live, and play. It is critical to understand that digital transformation is not a single event.

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28, Jun 2022
Top 6 Major Challenges Facing Real Estate Companies in Tanzania.

Real estate plays an essential role in the Tanzania economy. This article explores the current challenges and discusses what supporting and detracting factors exist for the real estate environment today.

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27, Apr 2022
Best Ways Nonprofits Organization (NGOs) Can Use Bulk SMS for their benefits.

Text-messaging is a hands-on way to communicate, raise funds, and do more with as a nonprofit. Learn how to maximize nonprofits' engagement with texts!

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19, Apr 2022
Hosting A Website In 2022: 17 Questions You Need To Know

Hosting a website is not about the cost to pay it is about the sequences of questions and answers before website development.
Let's cover the most important things

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30, Mar 2022
8 Reasons You Should Adopt BTL RealEstate As Your Property Management System.

1.Online Payments
2. Financial management
3. Auto marketing
4. Plot management
5.User management
6. Maintenance management and tracking
7. Reporting 8. Informative decision

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22, Mar 2022
The Benefits of Using the BTL Real Estate System in Your Business

The system integrates tracking capabilities that will allow you to manage your clients and leads properly.
The custom-built software offers services that are designed to support your business as a real estate agent.

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