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Why content marketing fits best businesses of all sizes
12, Jun 2021

Did you know that the term "google" has become synonymous with "search" in search engines? Yes, nowadays for instance if a person asks you who is Bridging Technologies? It’s not a surprise to tell him Google it, which means, go and search for it. Google returns the information you are looking for.

People search for information because the information is power. People search for it to empower their businesses and brands.

But do you know that whenever you think about information, you think about content?

Googles receive more than 3.5 billion searches in a single day. Yet all searches get what they look for, they receive relevant information they need.

This information is a result of content strategy in digital marketing.

Did you know that over 3.8 billion people use the internet today?

What happens if you place your business on the main road of this internet traffic? But did you know relevant and valuable information is the traffic magnet? Without


how many google searches are conducted per day?


contents, there’s no information. The vice versa is true, and without information even google is useless and your site as well.

Do you know any business that does not benefit from the information? Can you think of any business whether small or big one that can exclude information and data?

Content marketing examples can be blog articles, videos, infographics, podcasts, case studies, etc. 

All these are lead magnets to drive potential traffic to your site. You give solutions to your prospects and you become part of their story in their journey of success.

How is the feeling when your business and brand become a story of your prospects?

Today the online platforms empower buyers to decide more on products and services. Thus they need more connection with the brands before buying anything.

If you take this into consideration, how are going to build this connection?

Is there a way to advocate for your customers without information? How can one promote brand awareness without content marketing?

In the end, no one can exclude information, that is why they say content is a king.

If so, then how can you do any business, whether small or big without information?

We come to this point, every business needs this strategy. 

But how content marketing fits all size business? How do businesses use content marketing for business growth?

This article addresses the above questions.

So if you are a digital marketer or a business owner who wants to speed up your business growth, this article is for you.


What is Content Marketing – Bridging Technologies

The term refers to a piece of information with a strategy to build a stronger relationship between your brand and your audience. The purpose is always to capture their attention whilst improving engagement and recall for your brand.

Content in digital marketing must be strategic. The definition of content marketing in digital marketing has the following qualities:

Is strategic: It involves plans and techniques to be applied, for it to be a primary means to achieve your marketing goals and objectives.

It is consistent: Means two things, consistent quality, and consistent publishing.

Your work should be consistently high-quality and written in a distinct tone of voice. Your writing should be consistent with your brand's values and design, and it should be published regularly on the right channels.


Key qualities of content marketing


Has relevant information: It surfaces all our preconceptions about how our customers behave and what is valuable and relevant to them. When we engage with article writing services, this is all we have on our minds. Content creation is predominant to a specified targeted buyer, a buyer persona.


Provides value: This strategy gives solutions to the customer before we take anything. We give him a guide towards his journey for him to return victorious. As a result, all the heroes who return from their journey will make stories, and there we become part of their story. 

Attracts clearly defined audience: In this strategy article writing is crafted with the buyer persona in mind. Buyer personas are fictional, generalized characters that comprise the various needs, goals, and observed behavior patterns among your customer.

By creating a definition of who your target customer is, you give yourself a chance to enter into his head and see what their needs are. Customers' attributes are highly valuable, once you own them you own their budget.

Drives profitable customer action: The purpose at the end of the day is to win the trust of a lead. You use the valuable information as a means to lead your prospects across the purchase funnel. You take them with CTA’s from awareness to engagement and then to a transaction.


profitable customer relation


Why do businesses use content marketing? - Bridging Technologies

All businesses around the globe share a common goal which is enticing trust to its prospect and converting them into loyal customers. This in the end increases sales and shines the brand by increasing brand positive awareness. 


Can you bet on the power of a well-established brand in attracting customers over a long time?

If a brand opts to use native advertising and forget the side of building relationships, then they are almost losing more opportunities by 80%.


Researches show 80% of customers discredit advertisement, they need something to help them with the product’s decision. In this case, customers prefer articles and information with value more than an advertisement.


80% of customers discredit advertisements


Did you know how?

The rise of ad blockers poses a very big challenge. There were 600 million devices with ad-blocking software in December 2016 and 62% of those were mobile.

Today, 42.7% of internet users worldwide report using an ad blocker. And the technology has expanded beyond the desktop.




This finding tells us one big thing, that the role of content marketing services cannot be ignored. Information is a king and has remained so for a long time.


Content creation in digital marketing is done with a strategy in mind. It cares for insights into the prospect’s motivation, goals, roadblocks, and behaviors. In the end, it emerges into a strong lasting relation between brands and their consumers.

Strategic and valuable information in the modern digital marketing economy is the most effective method to reach out to both established customers and prospects. This is regardless of whether it is content marketing for small businesses or the big ones.


If you are yet to be convinced about whether to adopt a content marketing strategy, this article is for you.

This article explains the benefits of the strategy and why it serves all businesses of all sizes.

Let’s discuss these benefits in 3 categories.


1. Benefits of Content marketing for business growth

You have heard a lot about the benefit of content marketing in helping businesses growing. I bet you as a marketer in the modern world you are aware of how outbound marketing is less susceptible.




Prospects discredit intrusive advertisements, none permissible or those which are irrelevant. Nowadays prospects are more empowered, so they block ads.


They want valuable information that provides them with insights to solve their problems. Simply is it to say, customers nowadays want more connection and relation to the brand they choose for service or purchasing products from.


The kind of marketing which fits this need is inbound marketing, for which content is its major strategy.

This means that all modern marketing efforts should be centric on prospects or their specified targeted audiences. They should, yes only if they want to survive or grow.


Any real digital marketing agency in Tanzania or elsewhere must have incorporated content writing services for its customers.

I bet now you can’t even think of a business that does not benefit from the information. Now you are asking yourself if the strategy fits businesses of all sizes or not?

Did you ask yourself maybe if this strategy works for small businesses as for large brands?  Then you wonder how content marketing can help a small business growing?

Here’s how to get there! Bridging technologies as a digital marketing agency in Tanzania. It uses a content marketing strategy for itself and its customers. How does it help businesses to grow?

Let’s discuss the following points:

↗️Generate leads for your business

With content, you can reach out to consumers who haven't made up their minds about buying. They come to you as a result of a quest for valuable information that leads them to you as a resource.


They become interested in your business after reading all your beneficial materials, they read your articles from your website or blog.


Business Growth


When they arrive at your website, you provide them with more information about their need that converts them over time. This is done through solutions you provide to them that solve their problems or educating your customers and prospects.

Every business needs new leads to turn into customers, and this way a business grows.


A report from DemandMetric showed that content marketing generates 3 times as many leads as other traditional forms of marketing.


Content marketing is critical to lead and opportunity generation


↗️Advantages of social shares

The strategy helps all businesses of all sizes with information for social media advertising. When you share valuable materials, you build a connection with your social followers and give people a reason to share and engage with others.


↗️Helps to explain complex services or product on a long-term basis

Content is an efficient way to explain a complex product or service to your customers and prospects. When your brand offers a service or product to B2B, naturally it will involve many decision-makers to meet on the round table.


Every one among them has his angle to visualize your product or service. This leads to multiple questions regarding a single product based on their respective profession, roles, and business responsibility.

How are you going to respond to all these multiple different questions in form of a singular native advertisement?


the complex sales cycle


How are you going to explain your services which are not products to help your customers visualize them in terms of product?

The answer is Content.

You can write your own as a business owner, marketer or for more perfection and precision you can hire an agency. Bridging Technologies, a digital marketing agency in Tanzania plays in this field.

You can see all the processes to help your business with the content writing services BTL offers here.


↗️Content is an efficient way to help your customers

Purchase decisions begin with a search. If searchers find answers in your content, the information in it leads them in the direction of a solution. In the end, they will join your list.

If done right, the strategy can move prospects through the buyer’s journey at their pace. This leads to a drastic increase in sales and contributes to business growth.

When they are ready to buy, your business will most likely be positioned as the expert. This decision to buy from you is much easier.


Content drives sales


Do you know any business that does not benefit from this?

If you want to start designing your content marketing strategy you can learn more on this blog post or book a call to speak to our expert for a free consultation.


↗️Helps you to create a profitable customer relation

The relevant and valuable information you provide builds customer relations. Every business is looking for an efficient way to pass the voice to prospects and customers.

This inbound marketing strategy helps you to develop one-to-one relationships that have a lasting impact on your visitors and customer.

Here people reach you through search, do you know what does this means? These are ideal customers to be, they are searching for what you offer.

They have decided to choose you as a resource, they follow you and in return you own them.


2. Importance of content marketing for marketing strategy

↗️Better Google ranking and domain authority

In digital marketing, things keep changing. After major google updates, the role of relevant information was then elevated. It became a major factor to rank your website on top of the search engine result’s page. Google is in love with fresh and relevant information.

Did you know that the first page of Google captures at least 71% of web traffic (some sources say up to 92%), and the second page is far from a close second: It drops to 6% of website traffic.


Ranking and domain authority


Your website that stands in the crowd of million websites of your niche gives your brand a large voice and reach. This acts as a long-term strategy for marketing as Google becomes your servant, you make the search engine work for you.

Can you imagine how many traffic or phone calls are you going to receive just for being on the top of the search result? To be on the first page, you can make the story as a hero.

🔥🔥Do you want to see outcomes that are beyond the result of your site traffic? Do you know the test of being at the top of the search and above your competitor

We are a digital marketing agency in Tanzania with that specialty that can support you with content for business growth. You can call to speak to our expert here at +255762110000 or reach us here.


↗️It brings people back to your website again and again

Suppose you have a website that does not have relevant and valuable information that a searcher looking for. Or a few of them which are not fresh. Then why should you go back to that site again and again?

Old-fashioned marketers don’t make a website a serious resource, and mostly having one has just become a modern fashion. So, they want to go with the trend. No, you are not the one! Your website has a purpose and a business goal, and the milestone of it is to attract leads, engaging, and delighting them. In the end, they should come back to you as a resource point and you own them.


Web traffic driven by content


🔥🔥If you want a free consultation on how to make your website useful, here is the chance, reach Bridging Technologies for a digital marketing strategy here.


↗️Instill trust in your audience

Content marketing is not direct promotion as a native advertisement, it’s a market that someone does not feel marketed.

It is all you struggle to provide your audience solution to their problems and removing their roadblocks to their milestones of success.

This is not a simple thing though it never hard for experts, it involves plans with your audience with insights in mind.

Since you own their attributes and understand their goals, problems, and respective solutions, they will trust you.

In the end, they will choose you as the resource.


Content marketing builds trust to your audience


They will trust your brand because you strive to give them a solution and not to sell.

It means you give before taking anything till they decide to give you everything.

After that they will become yours, you own them and simply, you own their budget.

In fact, this is the perfect example of a valuable customer relationship you can ever build.

Of course, you can’t attain this without content, that’s why we offer content writing services for you.

Bridging Technologies offers the best digital marketing service in Tanzania to bridge you to the digital world.


↗️Expand your information to new worlds

Did you imagine what will happen if your place your shop along a congested area, with a large population? How many customers are probably going to see your business and be attracted?


The report shows in the major online imaginary road as Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day (Internetlivestats, 2019).


If you break this statistic down, it means that Google processes over 40,000 search query every second on average. If you are to stay on the very good side of this road how many prospects are you likely to see?


The right information is a major key tool that can take you to this success.


🔥 🔥 Do you have a website and need to maintain it to make it result-oriented? Or looking to design a new modern one that can help your business grow? Here is a technical team to help you with.


↗️Content helps to improve your conversion rate

When you write articles for your blog, you give a chance for your audience to learn. It attracts more traffic to your website and increases the chance for the same traffic to come back again and again.

Information that is on-demand helps to attract traffic, convert them into leads through the CTA’s – call to action inserted within the article.


Content marketing convert leads to customers


Through structured information, you can direct the buyer into different buyer’s journeys from awareness to consideration stages.

Content written with the buyer persona in mind is created using a planned strategy that takes into account each stage of the buyer and all touchpoints.

Afterward contents of the awareness stage link to the engagement state, and engagement to the consideration stage.

This way you will be guiding your prospects along the purchase funnel while answering all their questions at every stage to assist them in converting.


↗️Content marketing creates long-term, sustainable results

To begin, we say content marketing is all the marketing that’s left, that is saving the market.

The valuable information you provide allows you to gradually create a robust knowledge resource, that can assist your customers in making informed decisions and solving problems.

Over time, you'll gain a reputation as a subject matter expert and authority in your field.


Can you mention any business that will not benefit by just being an expert and authority in its field?


🔥🔥Do you want to create a long-term strategy with sustainable results? We are here to help!


3. General benefits of content marketing for every business

↗️Low investment and higher ROI

In contrast to other online advertising, this strategy is very cheap and more efficient.

Content creation is also cost-effective.

According to DemandMetric content marketing costs 62% less than traditional advertising and generates 3 times more leads.

You only develop the strategies to build up the useful information that will make the customer engage with your company.

You post the material and create confidence with your clients, at no high cost!


↗️Targets the desired audience

Writing blog articles can help your website rise to the top of search engine results pages. People find you when they search for a specific term for which you rank. You'll get organic traffic this way.

You may ask yourself why organic traffic is important. Organic trafficking is very important because it is targeted.


Users visiting your website from a search engine's organic results have a very specific intent. If you can provide them with a solution or answer to their question, they are more likely to convert and become customers.


↗️Content marketing scales your retargeting audience

Did you know that 97% of people who visit your site for the first time leave without buying anything, and then they’re lost forever? Unless you can bring them back.


Do you know how retargeting strategy works? Do you know the role of content in scaling this strategy?

The scenario is this, a visitor comes to your site and leaves without doing any profitable action or purchasing. Website information plays as a lead magnet to attract visitors to your site. Once they leave the site without deciding to buy anything you need to retarget them from where they go.


Content Scales retargeting your visitors


Retargeting works by utilizing “cookies.'' It is a small piece of data stored by the Web Browser that remembers users who visited your webpage. When retargeting this ID is utilized to serve ads to the users again. By showing relevant, targeted ads to users that have shown an interest in your brand, you increase brand awareness and often total conversions.


Without having well-defined info that attracts visitors, who will you retarget to sell your product? Here you can learn why and how content marketing is the best digital marketing strategy.


↗️It’s way less annoying than traditional marketing

People confuse the difference between this marketing and advertising.

There is a trending question usually marketers ask Content marketing & advertisement: what is the best?

The big difference is that advertisements are annoying, they don’t have permissibility attributes.

They can target everyone regardless of the need and connection, at no suitable time and without considering the need.


How Do Businesses Use Content Marketing?

↗️Content marketing for small business

All small business promotion activities should aim to grow a customer base and engage with them to foster brand loyalty and increase revenue.

In today's multi-channel environment, content marketing is one of the most successful and cost-efficient ways to do so.

That's because, unlike paid advertising, the content strategy offers something of value to the audience, which goes a long way toward establishing trust with any customer or prospect.

The thing to keep in mind is how businesses use content marketing to the size of the business. This is all the same for content marketing for B2B or content marketing for B2C.

Do you want Bridging Technologies to help you build a customer base through a proven digital marketing strategy? You can reach us here. We are a real digital marketing agency in Tanzania among the few.

We do content writing service for your brand as we educate our prospects for free through educational materials on our blog.

Reach us here for a free consultation on how do businesses using content marketing. Also, for content Marketing Examples related to your business goals, you can call us at +255762110000 or reaching us on the contact page.


↗️Content marketing for B2B

Whether a small business size or a large one, the common need is always to grow.

Business growth is never stagnant even big businesses grow from where they are to establish other milestones and success better than yesterday.

Strategic content information is a major option to skyrocket any business.


Content for B2B


There are common problems that all B2B agencies face, this article explains content marketing service: what B2B marketing problem can solve best explains more.


For quick guides, you may call to speak to our expert here: +255762110000 or send us a query here.


↗️Content marketing for B2C

Contents for B2C


B2C content has the advantage of speaking directly to consumers without the use of an intermediary, resulting in a shorter sales cycle.

The final decision is from an individual consumer, and it is usually based on both rational and emotional considerations.

At bridging technologies when we develop the articles for publications, we keep this in mind.

In the end, how can you have perfect use of social media promotion or building an email marketing list for your customers without branded information strategy?

We at a digital marketing agency in Tanzania are fully committed to take away the stress of working with content writing for you.



The best thing about content marketing is that it is inexpensive. It keeps on, generates traffic, and leads constantly. Your audience is looking for something active.

They are looking for content.

You would like answers to your most relevant questions.

The cost associated with content creation is always inexpensive compared to other ads.

On the other hand, the benefit of it for your business growth is far more paying than another marketing effort.

The main distinguished advantage is that it gives your brand the power to build the relation on a long-term basis.

In various industries, there might be huge brands that use content, but you still can compete.

You simply need to create better content and be your audience's trusted resource to capture their attention.

All businesses of all sizes can compete fairly in the digital environment with content.

Content is always a king and your job is to build your kingdom.

I can’t think of any business that wouldn’t benefit from more website traffic, more recurring website traffic, a great sense of trust between the customer and the brand, and a reduction in the cost of customer acquisition and marketing.

BTL’s Blog is one of the content marketing examples of a digital marketing agency in Tanzania and elsewhere. It uses content to educate prospects and provide solutions.   

Content in digital marketing is everything in the modern market.

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