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How can content marketing improves sales in your business
6, Apr 2021

Have you tried a few different ways to increase your business revenue through online marketing but have been unsuccessful?

It's never been easier to make money online. Since there are so many choices and so many businesses are moving online.

In today's world, the company's online presence has a lot of influence over its image, so you better invest in digital marketing. 

Seeking new buyers for your product or service is a critical phase in the sales process. As any sales cycle includes customers then it is a good move to start with content to attract them.

Content marketing improves sales, increases brand awareness, improves website ranking, and gains lead. This is possible only with high-quality content.

Content marketing is playing an important role in how you can communicate with your audience, especially during difficult times in the world like now in the Covid-19 pandemic.

In difficult times, content marketing plays important role in communicating with the buyers.

With more people working from home due to COVID-19, the use of social media has increased. The world is becoming a smaller place and content marketing is more important than ever.

Because 94% of content marketers think that they succeeded in adapting their content marketing strategy to the COVID-19. This is why content marketing is the best strategy for the digital world due to its flexibility. You can learn more about why and how Content Marketing is the best digital marketing strategy.

As many companies move to online marketing, the demand for high-quality content is rising. The need for digital marketing increases,content creation in Tanzania has also become popular.

Running a content marketing company like Bridging Technologies can be a profitable effort. But you’ll need to devote some time and effort to establish your brand. All you need is the right knowledge and the right ability.

If you are a content producer for B2B marketing you may learn more from Bridging Technologies. That the main purpose of content marketing is not to make money in the first place. We create contents to engage with our customers since business decision-making is not a single-day journey.


Why content is the best strategy


And if your only goal is to make money with content marketing you may fail. Then what are the big purposes of content marketing and how can it drive sales?



The purpose of content marketing is to nurture the relationship with the customer. To make the customers engage with your brand before advertising anything. This is to increase your business revenue without advertising the product or service.

Today's buyers are savvy and conduct more than 74% of their research before contacting businesses. This opens up a lot of possibilities for content marketing. So, a prospect doesn't have to waste time doing research.

Content marketing doesn’t bring the tangible product direct. You provide the materials that educate, entertain, inspire, and convincing the audience to become a buyer.



As a marketer, you expect to do marketing to reach the goals within a specific budget at a given time. To achieve that you have to know the best strategies for effective content marketing.


Have a plan

Having a plan in place before doing anything in your content marketing will help you create more targeted content and keep it consistent.

Know what your company's content goals are, as well as the intent of each type of content and its value to readers. You'll have a better idea of what content to write, the tone of the content, and when and where to post after exploring your target audiences. Also creating an editorial content calendar will help you stay organized.


Know your audience

You should know which kind of audience you have and their pain points. Because if the content you share with them is on topics they don't care about, you won't get many sales or conversions.

Keep your content relevant to the industry you're in, and focus on how your company's goods or services can help solve a consumer's problems.

You can take a step further and build consumer personas for each of your company's demographic groups.

The audience from the website and the social media may differ from their interest and age. Then use those content marketing tactics for different platforms and the audiences for better results.


when to post


Know when and where to post

You can write the best blog post you've ever written, but if it's published on a platform that your audience doesn't use, or at a time when the majority of your audience is offline, it'll likely get lost in the internet's noise and information.

For example, your social media manager should be aware that, for consistent engagement better times are from Wednesday to Friday, 10 a.m.–5 p.m.

Knowing your audience will also help you figure out which online platform you can find them. Also knowing websites they visit, as well as what social media channels they used to communicate.


Quality over quantity

It can be tempting to keep churning out content.  But your audience is looking for high-quality content that is engaging, precious, and insightful.

Visitors come to your site because they have faith in you to answer their questions or address their concerns. A lot of low-quality content will take up space, and viewers will not bother to read it.

High-quality posts will attract more attention, engagement, and shares, which are the objectives of a good content strategy.


Focus more on people, not only search engine

The aim of everything you write should be to answer your readers' questions. Your audience will appreciate and share quality content that is of value to the reader if you take the time to create it and you know the strategies. They'll also be more likely to believe in your business and take the steps you want them to.

While incorporating keywords into content is still an important part of gaining online exposure for your website, keyword-stuffed content isn't going to help you use them correctly.

Not only your audience will realize it right through your promotional plug, but also search engines will penalize you for that.

If the purpose of content marketing is to educate the user you have to provide the knowledge they want at a particular time.


content marketing that focuses on people


Optimize your contents

It would be remiss not to mention the use of keywords to optimize your company's content. Try to target one or two keywords in each piece of content to make it more successful.

This is easy to do with text content. Yet, when it comes to photographs and videos, is better to put more.

Use keywords in the title, headings, and topic introduction or summary of posts with videos and images. The ALT tags, file names, and meta descriptions should all contain keywords.

The number of mobile connections in Tanzania in January 2020 was equivalent to 75% of the total population. Remember to optimize your content for mobile devices.




Test analyze and improve

Before moving forward, it is critical to experiment and test which content generates more traffic and conversions.

You'll be able to see patterns in what content resonates with your audience if you analyze your content regularly. Then, as you see what works, you'll notice the types of content that don't.

If your content isn't as effective as your goal, you'll likely need to evaluate your content strategy. Knowing where you're falling short with your content will help you make the necessary improvements.

 A content marketing plan can take many forms, but the most important factors to consider are, your company's goals and audience.

This might be challenging for others. But if you want to improve sales, you must decide which sales strategy works better for your target customer.



Without content, you can't build a successful online business! Because content is what makes a relationship between you and your online customers and in the end, it will help you drive sales.

For a successful business, you have to have to set the goals for increasing business sales. And those sales goals will pass through the sales funnel which are awareness, consideration, and decision stages.

Example of the sales goals.


Spreading brand awareness

Making more people know the existence of your brand and what you provide.




Lead generation

Generating more audiences that are interested in your brand

Establishing authority

Making people consider you as a trustworthy source of information than your competitors.

Building audience engagement

Encouraging more people to stay engaged with the content you publish on digital platforms like websites or social media.

Increasing conversion rates

Once many people convert into buyers after consuming the specific content then it’s true that you can drive sales with content.

All these goals contribute to improving sales, as content builds communication between the buyer and the seller. The brand that interacts with the customers has a greater chance to sell more than others.


Now how content marketing contributes to business sales? Content marketing improves business sales by:


1. Bringing the right customers to your website.

Once you do the content marketing you attract the audience to be customers. As you research knowing your target audience means you create a room for the website visitors to be those who are interested in your brand.

As many people visit your website with an interest in what you do, it can be easy to convert these audiences to become buyers. Nurturing leads with important information.

What would you say when the right audience brought by content has become customers? Yes, you drive sales with content.

With content customer retaining is possible, by providing some offers to the target one, providing the useful contents for them. It costs 80% less to retain a customer than to acquire a new one.

Keeping in touch with the customer is a very productive thing for the business's success. This makes you the top for their next buying.


2. Improving brand awareness.

Sharing content across various channels, increasing the appearance of the brand to the target audience. This will encourage them to return to refresh their awareness and remain current.

Quality content not only strengthens your brand but also aids in its visibility in search results.

As a result, creating influential, high-quality content on your channel strengthens your brand's identity.


brand awareness


A potential client can come across your website, but what will compel them to stay and act? What motivates them to return for more information? What makes your website a top search engine result for millions of people? Brand quality content and a marketing campaign to put it all together are the answers. 

Brand reputation can increase your business revenue by bringing more customers to you by searching in the search engine. 


3. Establishing thought leadership and authority.

This involves providing the most inclusive answers to the customers’ biggest questions.

You have to answer the biggest questions in the minds of your target audience on a particular topic.

This makes the customers consider you as a trustworthy source of information. 

When looking at the long sight it’s hard to see how you can drive sales with content, however, if you look deeper, you can see the opportunity to get customers through content.


4. Increasing buyer engagement with your brand.

To see people engage with your brand is a beautiful thing. It gives hope that one day they will become buyers.

Content marketing improves sales as many people engage with the content, and make them think about you and not your competitors. Engaged consumers buy 90% more frequently, spend 60% more per transaction. That is why you have to create the content for the audience and not for the search engine.

Using content as a major marketing funnel will help increase the number of people who visit your website. To do so, you’ll need to make sure your content is useful, entertaining, trustworthy, and unique. It should also have a call to action (CTA).

Look at the Bridging Technologies CTAs, they are clear that a reader can see and take an action on it.


🔥🔥Businesses should use effective content marketing tactics to produce content that is valuable to readers. However, you can outsource content creation from a digital marketing agency like Bridging Technologies to help you.


cost effective content marketing


5. Reduce the promotion cost

Reduce the need for paid advertising, and promote business organically. Only content can make you sell without using the advertisement. If you want to know the difference between content and advertisement you can read here Content marketing & advertisement: what is the best?

If you have a content marketing plan with high-quality content, customers might return. For example, writing tools, newsletters, videos, and even podcasts. The reduction of expenses sometimes leads to an increase in money as the business will continue with low expenses.

The number of internet users is growing day by day, Tanzania number of internet users crosses 27 million. Online platforms like websites need content for business success, especially in increasing customers. This is why content creation in Tanzania is a new opportunity for many people.

Before running for the new opportunity, it’s better to understand the strategies you are going to use to reach the milestone. If you want to reduce the business expenses you have to set criteria on how to increase your business revenue.

Apart from strategies, you have to know the legal issues from one country to another.  For example, if content creation in Tanzania is facing some legal challenges then it can limit the content creators to write some issues.

Some challenges face B2B marketing and only content can solve them. You can learn more here on how content can solve theB2B problems Content marketing service: what b2b marketing problem can solve best?

Based on your industry study well the country's laws and regulations combine them with content marketing tactics. In online marketing sometimes you don’t need money to produce money. Only content marketing tactics and marketing strategies can make wonders.



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