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Why using bulk sms is an effective marketing strategy?
13, Sep 2021

Bulk SMS as a marketing tool for businesses has become successful and widespread around the world.

Despite the number of messaging apps accessible today, only a few of them can match the advantages of SMS marketing. A significant number of clients still prefer to communicate with businesses via text messaging. Smartphones are the most convenient device, while SMS remains the most popular mode of communication for at least 48% of clients.

This tool, which has the keyword ‘bulk' in its name, help more in lead generation. It allows you to connect with several leads at once. This tool.

Bulk SMS for business helps you to stay in touch with your consumers regularly. Ensuring that their experience is good and constant. Customers enjoy being treated like VIPs. Therefore, using bulk SMS is an effective marketing strategy in approaching client to strengthen connection. This connection can grant you more customers as people tend to tell each other about the good services.

SMS marketing and Email marketing what is the best in promoting the business?

Both SMS and email marketing have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. An appointment reminder sent by messages, for example, is more likely to be viewed than an email reminder. Opening the SMS is quick than opening the email. This is because people always think that emails are commonly for works and professionalism, but when it comes to messages it is personal based. Sometimes the email inboxes are full of advertisements.

Does SMS marketing applicable for big companies only? Every small business owner knows that establishing strong client interactions in the early stages of a company’s growth may help it reach new heights. SMS marketing serves all kinds of business especially in digital marketing. You may deliver tailored communications to your consumers at the perfect time. To prove that you care about their experiences by rewarding them with special encouragements. This provides the path of customer connections, which will lead to company success in the long run.

For business success, marketers always care about strategies that will keep their business on the right track. Then the best plan should be applicable, consistent, and effective in generating sales.

What is BULK SMS and how does it work?


What is BULK SMS and how does it work?

Bulk SMS Is a service that allows you to send a big number of messages to a huge number of people at once.

This is a fantastic service to utilize in your business to send messages to your customers safely, quickly, and directly. Especially when you're holding a competition, a marketing campaign, an employee notification, a promotion, or an event.

Using bulk SMS for business, gives ability to communicate effectively with consumers in bulk. Which is cost-effective way to reach your goal, especially if you have limited cash or staff to carry out your promotional initiatives. Receiving responses from your recipients will directly boosts the chances of quick sales. It’ll make business active and increased conversion.


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Who should use bulk SMS?

In the real estate Sector. All sectors can use this service, but in this sector bulk messages have become the preferred method of communication. Using messages in an advertising campaign has made property selling, purchasing, leasing, and renting much easier. Traditional marketing tactics such as billboards, newspaper advertising, flyers, and booklets are no longer necessary. The benefits of bulk messages have substituted all conventional marketing techniques.

In the education sector. Bulk messages are widely used in the education sector, particularly in schools, colleges, and universities. It's used to communicate with parents and keep them informed about their children's progress. For instance, sending attendance statistics, timetables, or information on a significant event such as a sports day or annual day. It is extremely beneficial in well organizing and administering the company.

E-commerce sector. With the rise of internet portals and shopping sites, information must be delivered to a wider population at once. This is feasible via bulk SMS. Information reaches the client at the speed of light when using this incredible marketing technique. Clients may be kept up to date on recent orders, delivery status, invoice details, and so on.

In the banking industry. Bulk SMS services are often used by banks to communicate with their customers regularly. There is a lot of information that may be sent by SMS. With one press of a mouse, confidential information may be effortlessly shared. Now days Bulk messages is a frequently used technique in the banking sector for interacting with customers.


Where to use bulk sms?


Bulk services in Tanzania can be applicable in restaurants. A marketer can send messages about the menu of the day, coupons, and other offers to clients. Also, it can be used by automobile industries, advertising, management and insurance companies.

Best Practices in SMS Marketing for Outstanding Results

➡️Send messages at the right moment.

Send communications to your consumers when they are most likely to make a purchase decision.

If your restaurant offers lunch deals, for example, you could send such promotional messages in the middle of the morning. Sending texts too early in the morning or too late in the evening is not a good idea.

Digital marketing agency may simply be overlooked due to bad scheduling. Sending discount coupons at odd times, on the other hand, helps to keep your brand in your consumers' eyes.

➡️Send out communications regarding special offers or promotions.

To persuade your consumers to acquire your items, send limited-time offers and discounts. Make sure what you promote is what you offer.

➡️Send appointment reminders and confirmations.

Use messages to remind clients of upcoming appointments or to ask them to book one via a link contained in your message.

➡️Utilize technology.

To plan your messages and track the progress of your campaigns, use technologies like text message marketing software. Technology will assist you in automatic message sending. A digital marketing agency that provides bulk SMS services will handle all technical features.

➡️Allow email and SMS to collaborate.

Increase the effectiveness of your SMS marketing by combining it with email marketing, and vice versa. If you decide to go this way, you may get SMS marketing software and email marketing software at one.  

Why bulk SMS is an effective marketing strategy?

The advantages of bulk SMS services in Tanzania and all around the world now are more visible. Especial now when governments throughout the world have enforced social separation due to Covid 19. This has caused individuals to be more attached to their phones to keep up with current events and stay in touch.

Our bulk sms services


Using bulk SMS is an effective marketing strategy in honing B2C relationships and growing your company with many other opportunities. When using text messaging in a company's advertising and customer service activities, there is a slew of benefits of bulk messages that may be gained. Bulk SMS is an effective marketing strategy because:


1. It's a direct, real-time channel.

With a read rate of 97 percent within 15 minutes of delivery, SMS is one of the most rapid channels accessible. You can rest confident that your time-sensitive communications will be received nearly immediately.

According to Smartinsight When coupled with other popular channels like email and social media, SMS campaigns yield a successful ROI of 45 percent, with over 50 percent when combined with other popular channels like email and social media.

2. Shortcodes can be used to speed up responses and expand your database.

Add a shortcode or keywordto print ads, and advertising boards, as well as social media, to encourage your consumers to take the initiative. Before using the keyword, you better do keyword analysis to come up with the target and meaningful one. Customers who are familiar with a brand's code and keyword are more inclined to interact and respond as a result of this technique.


3. It can work with and support other channels.

Within the marketing mix, all channels must function effectively together, and message is no exception.

SMS can improve and support other popular consumer mediums like social media and email, in addition to being fantastic on its own.

They can act as a reminder to customers to read an email sent by a company hour or even days earlier.


4. Using response data, you can monitor, measure, and improve.

If you want to improve and offer the greatest text message marketing campaigns to your valued consumers, this is a must-do technique. Because your message receivers simply have two options: click on the given links or ignore them. Then determining the effectiveness of your bulk SMS marketing activities is simple. If the majority of your consumers aren't clicking on the suggested links, you need to rethink your strategy.

Messages makes it feasible to measure significant ROI, identify consumers who engage via text message. Also in monitoring delivery rates, dispelling the myth that SMS is an untrackable channel.

Businesses may use these statistics to generate more focused marketing.


Tracking your sms


5. Increase brand loyalty

Customer engagement and brand loyalty are boosted by well-planned bulk SMS marketing campaigns. Customers don't want to read irrelevant or generic information, so customize your messaging on special offers and promotions. On their birthdays, you may even send them a special note. Customers appreciate special attention, and a well-written message may help them feel that way. When customers are dissatisfied with the amount of service and attention provided by a firm, that company's customer value drops by 45 percent.


6. The high open rate of SMS

Within 15 minutes of delivery, SMS open rates may reach 98 percent, making it a viable direct marketing medium. This is crucial for time-sensitive messages since studies show that your buyer persona will read them instantly. Reaching the customers directly is the most effective marketing strategy in any business.


7. SMS automation

Bulk SMS for business isn't for consumer interaction. It's also a wonderful way to outperform your competitors in terms of customer service.

When picking a bulk messages service provider, make sure you have a user-friendly interface. A robust bulk SMS API can simply integrate your program with CRM (customer relationship management).

The majority of e-commerce businesses rely on bulk messages to enhance the likelihood of a consumer purchasing from them again.

If you're a travel agency or run a consulting service that handles appointment bookings, an automated messages confirmation should ensure that your clients don't miss an appointment. This also applies to E-commerce. This software will help you in automating the process of sending the message.




What to consider in choosing the right bulk sms services?

There are many companies that provide the bulk messages services. It needs you to be carefully in selecting the perfect agency based on your company’s requirements. You can choose Bridging technologies due to:


As a digital marketing agency. Bridging Technologies knows how budget plays in any business. Choosing our bulk SMS marketing service will not only serve your budget but you will attain your business expectations within the budget.

Budget saving


💡Personalized text messages

When interacting in internet people like to communicate with the human and not robot. Personalizing the message by calling the SMS recipient’s name will make the person feel valuable as she communicates with someone from the company.

💡Uploading a large number of contacts

Our bulk SMS services provide you a room to upload as many contacts as you can. It is not an easy job to send the message to one person or to insert the contacts one by one. By one click you can upload a thousand contacts, and by another click, you can send the SMS to all of them. This is the power of technology in bulk SMS for business.

💡Sending time scheduling

In making money, everyone is a multitasking person. While doing other marketing campaigns like social media marketing, you might forget to send the SMS at the planned time. Our bulk SMS for business gives you a chance to schedule a time for sending the message, and while doing other things the messages will be sent automatically without a click.

💡Tracking the analytics

Bridging Technologies, always emphasize the power of analytics in improving the business status. Our SMS marketing services provide you the results of your campaign. Results will tell the campaign performance. As our service provides 24/7 customer support, it will help you to transform the result and interpret them in marketing aspects.



To be honest, there are several other benefits of bulk messages marketing that have yet to be said. The key is to have a clear vision of how you want to build your business so that you can use messages to meet your company's goals and clients' needs. Bridging Technologies is a digital marketing agency that provides bulk SMS services in Tanzania which can help you in that matter.

Our Bulk messages has assisted many businesses in implementing accessible communication channels, to achieve long-term development and stability.



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