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Digital marketing question: what is website traffic? And why should you care
16, Jun 2021

Once upon a time, business owners focused on having a website to have an online presence.

It's not a bad thing, it's great to have one.

But, do you know having a website doesn't mean you will eventually start making sales?

The game is to capture sales.


You need to have relevant website traffic heading to your site.

Simple, take an example, you have your construction firm but nobody knows about it. Would you be surprised if you don't make any single sale? NO!

So, the same aspect goes with your website.

If you build and just leave it, nobody will come unless you help them find out.

Do you know how to get found?

Is by using the Search Engine Optimization method.

It helps your website to get known to your audience when they perform any search corresponding to your products or services.

The more easily you get found on Search Engines such as Google it helps you to get more relevant traffic to your site.

Bingo! Relevant traffic to your website helps to lead sales.

So, do you know what is website traffic and why it's worth it?

Let's explore what website traffic meaning is.


Website traffic meaning

It's the number of visitors and visits a website receives.

Simply put, the number of people visiting your website.

The quantity of visitors is not much important in two ways.

First, remember that visitors may be people or robots.

So, you must ensure the security of your website.

Second, having many people visiting your site but they don’t perform any activity.

Examples of activities are signing on your newsletter, download a pdf file, filling a form, etc.

But still, you want to increase sales through your website. RIGHT?

Let’s keep on track of how website traffic analysis helps in generating leads and sales.


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Next, let's explore how website traffic is analyzed.


How to analyze website traffic?

Do you know how to analyze website traffic?

Its analyzed using measurable metrics and the use of proper tools

Making proper website traffic analysis will help your business to make proper insights for future.

It is measured by various metrics depending on your desired tool.

Website traffic analysis is the prominent feature to be measured on most analytical tools.

We will take a look at Google Analytics as the major tool.

Among the metrics used in Google for measuring and analyzing website traffic is to speculate the sources.

Sources for analyzing website traffic are as follows;


✨Social media

Social media is among the sources of traffic in referral means. Statistics show that social media now drives 31% of all referral traffic.

Adding a backlink from your social media accounts back to your website is a way of getting traffic.

Creating engaging content for your website will make people interested to visit your site.


✨Direct search

Direct Search


The direct search involves when the user directly types your web address on the browser.

Through this process is where direct traffic is measured on your website.

Direct traffic is a good indicator of your brand recognition.

Take an example of brands like Azam, MeTL, Kilimanjaro Express

These kinds of brands its easy to gain customers through direct search since their brands are well known.


✨Organic search

This is the process which involves people writing keyword concerning product or service.

The percentage of traffic you obtained from this source gives a clear clue of what people or visitors you want.


✨Referral traffic

Traffic obtained when someone clicks on hyperlinks and gets directed to your website.

This type of traffic is not only important for monitoring your traffic metrics, but it gives an alert to Google that you should be trusted as a business

The above mentioned are some of the metrics used to identify the sources of website traffic.


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How to increase traffic to your website

Increase website traffic


☑️Website speed performance

Statistics show that a speed delay of just 500 milliseconds can cause a 26 percent rise in

“Peak annoyance” and an 8 percent loss in engagement.

Before you even consider the content of your pages, ensure that your visitors can view them in a reasonable amount of time.

Website traffic ranking can be affected with slow loading pages.

Write topics with search traffic potential

In a world where everyone is a blogger, creating content that delivers value to your audience is more important than ever.

It's critical to write about topics that people desire to read.
As a result, the first step is to figure out what kinds of words or phrases do people look for.

But how do you go about doing it?

Among the best practice is to look at common questions people are asking for on the desired topic.

For example, before writing this blog post one of the main things is to find out the common questions people ask concerning website traffic.

Among the questions were; website traffic meaning, how to track website traffic, how to analyze website traffic etc.

For example, your customers are digital marketers. You want to write articles about digital marketing.

One of the approaches to take is to search for topics on digital marketing or digital marketing agency.

You could search for the specific topics of your articles such as Search Engine Optimization, content marketing etc.

By writing articles that are relevant to your niche, It makes it easy for Google to rank your website.


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☑️Guest blogging

Guest blogging


Creating contents for your website to be noticed by crawlers

Guest blogging doesn't only help your website to rank high,

It helps you gain traffic because you're able to get in front of a large and relevant audience

Writing blog posts to industries that are relevant to yours.

Before asking for a site to do guest blogging.

Among the main things you can do are;

Search for the websites which are of your specific niche and they do allow guest blogging.

For instance;

You are a digital marketing agency and you want to do guest blogging.

The main thing you could do is to search for 'Digital marketing agency in Tanzania'.

Once the search results have appeared, you could reach for the top results page ie. the first-page search result.

For the websites appearing on the first page, the chance is high for them to have high relevant traffic compared to other pages.


☑️Promoting contents on social networks

Social media has played a great role in this digital era.

It has not only brought positive impacts to people individually but also businesses.

One thing a business should never ignore is having social media pages of your business.

For example, Bridging Technologies is a digital marketing agency in Tanzania. It has official social media pages such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

So as a business it's time to figure out which kind of people are you serving and to which platforms.

If the contents fulfill the promise of your audience, it's high time they will engage and share the content.

Eventually, it will lead to more relevant traffic to your website.




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☑️Reduce bounce rate

Bounce rate, do you know what it is?

Bounce rate clicks an alarm that your website is not giving a visitor a promising action to do.


🔥🔥 Read more on bounce rate. Click me.


It's crucial to consider your bounce rate in the context of your entire website.

If your site metrics are good but your blog pages have a high bounce rate this shows that there is a problem with your content.
For example, there is a blog section on bridging technologies sites, if the blogs have a high bounce rate.

The content developers should pull up their wheel to make more engaging content.


☑️Optimize website for search

Optimize for search

It's a little sad to say, most businesses opt to have a website for online presence functionality.

The real essence of having a website is not only to showcase your products or services but to generate leads and sales.

The best practice is to make sure your website is optimized for web search.

One thing to never miss out on your website is writing valuable and relevant content for your audience

A website that is optimized for search has the following features.

  1. Mobile responsivity
  2. Keywords are optimized depending on a specific niche.
  3. High-speed performance.
  4. Easy user experience.

For example, Bridging Technologies is a digital marketing agency In Tanzania its well optimized for search.

For instance, if you search for free SEO consultation in Tanzania.

Bridging Technologies appears on the first page.

Is your website well optimized for Search?

If not, click the link below

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☑️Perform ON-Page SEO

SEO may seem terrifying, but one promising thing is that an optimized website always does its best.

It's not a secret that Google Algorithms change year after year,

ON-PAGE SEO vastly deals re-working with your pages.

There are quite various strategies on performing ON-PAGE SEO SUCH AS:

  • Proper internal linking strategy
  • Keyword optimization
  • Using identified and well-structured headings
  • Specifying meta tags
  • Consistent creation of content.
  • Advocate for backlinks, etc.

The list is endless.


Tools on how to measure website traffic

Web traffic tools


As a marketer, you are worried about the stats of the most engaging content.

Who's visiting your site and for how long do they stay?

On their stay what did they do?

How to track website traffic coming to your website?

All these questions should bother you.

The right answers are dedicated to using the right tools.

There are many tools on how to measure website traffic.


✔️Google Analytics

According to the research done by, 74% of the 2000+ analytics professionals surveyed use Google Analytics.

Google Analytics remains to be the granddaddy in the world of analytics.

It's the best tool for marketers and web analysts on how to measure website traffic.

One of the best features of Google Analytics, you can set goals for your website.

For example, the tool can tell you whether a visitor is sharing the content on social media or clicking on an ad. When the goal is completed, Google records the conversion in your analytics report.

When it comes to data customization you can track specific campaigns that drive traffic to your site.

It also reports on which keywords do people use to reach your website. As well as which devices i.e., mobile or desktop.

Question: How to track website traffic using Google Analytics.


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One of the most potential metrics to do website traffic analytics on Google Analytics is to monitor the behavior section.

Under this section, it shows how the user navigated throughout your site.


✔️Google Search Console

Formerly was recognized as the "webmaster tools”

It assists in ensuring that your website is Google-friendly and appears in relevant search results.

It shows the number of impressions, clicks, click-through rate (CTR), and the average position of your keywords in the search engines.

Google Analytics and Google Search Console can be connected to produce efficient data based on Google.

You will never have clear insights of queries; keywords your customers search for to reach your business online.

You could have a combination of both platforms, i.e., Google Analytics and Google Search Console.



Ubersuggest is a free and premium version type software.

It's a great and simple tool for performing website traffic analysis.

The "traffic analyzer" feature provides a detailed breakdown of your competitor's traffic.

It aligns keywords that bring them the most traffic and the most popular pages on the site

Traffic overview is one of the potential features of Ubersuggest.

It shows prominent metrics on traffic

It displays the number of organic keywords the site ranks for, organic monthly traffic, domain authority, etc.

The results include an estimated number of backlinks as well as the number of social media shares.



SEMrush is a one-for-all satisfying tool.

It does a great job on competitive analysis, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), content, and social media tracking tool.

SEMrush can help you get ahead of your competitor’s by researching keywords in display ads, organic and paid search, and link building

It gives an insight into your competitor's information.

The pieces of information are monthly volume traffic, traffic distribution, and keywords that generate traffic.

“Traffic Analytics Tab” displays the number of visits, total visits, average visit duration, the bounce rate of the site.


Final thoughts

Get ahead of your competitors.

Learn your audience’s behavior.

Populate the use of tools that analyze the prominent metrics for your business

Website traffic is one of the most profound metrics.

Business owners, marketers, and SEO experts are getting a hard time gaining traffic from their websites.

The goal is to have well-aligned digital marketing strategies to keep you on the best track to reach your online ultimate goals

Having relevant traffic signifies that your brand is known online.

It’s a very crucial aspect to consider traffic metrics.

So, you can keep track of your online activities and presence.

The sources shared above about website traffic meaning, sources and which tools to use are very important, etc.

The methods will help your website stand out, but if you are still in doubt Bridging Technologies can help to solve all your digital problems.

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