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5 reasons why seo is the best strategy for the website achievement
6, Dec 2020

Today, people depend on the search engine to find everything they want to know.

Do you know that there are over 1.5 billion websites on the world wide web today? And less than 200 million are active? Almost 4.66 billion people were active internet users as of October 2020.

This means that, regardless of what your company does, your target market is most likely looking for similar products or services on search engines like Google. If you want to attract many customers you have to perform search engine optimization (SEO).

Search engines want to give useful results to the users. Using SEO marketing, you help the website to appear in relevant search results with user satisfaction. This will drive many people to your website since it appears at the top of the search engine. A website that brings more traffic and also gets targeted visitors is what we call a successful website.

There are many website programmers, every day they develop new websites. Are the websites meeting the demand of the users and search engines?

There are many websites out there that do not meet the demand of both customers and search engine. People develop websites but few of them understand how the search engines is working. You can learn more Beginner's guide: Create a SEO friendly website in the digital marketing world

The good thing search engine companies like Google inform their users of the criteria to consider for the website to visible on the first page.

This made it easy for web developers to optimize their websites for search engines.


What is SEO?

SEO is the practice of improving a website and making it visible to many people on search engines.  It's a set of rules for optimizing the website so that it can rank higher in organic search results. It's the procedure to follow in order to boost the website's visibility in search engines and increase traffic.  SEO is the best strategy for website achievement as it brings quality traffic to the website.

There are two primary objectives of SEO. The first is to assist you to understand what consumers are searching for on the internet so that you can provide high-quality content to meet their needs. The second goal is to assist you in developing a website that search engines can find, index, and understand.

search engine optimization


SEO is for both search engines and website visitors. The developer is required to optimize the website so that the search engine should trust it and bring it at the top. Also, it has to be optimized for the customers to trust it as a useful source with relevant content.

Only search engines know the algorithm of how it ranks the website on the first page, but there are tactics for doing search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization works to boost the website’s ranking through different methods and tactics.

The majority of these tactics fall under the category of "on-page" SEO, which focuses on improving your content, photographs, videos, and keywords.” Off-page” SEO focuses in backlinks, which act as seals of approval between your site and others. Linking from one site to another, particularly one that is well-known, shows that your website is trustworthy as well and can help you rank higher in search results.

Search engine optimization is all about making the website visible to the target web visitors. Setting the goals of the website is the first stage before owning it. What do you want to achieve with the website? Is it for sales making, for lead generation, or for only brand awareness?

After knowing the goals, you will see why you need SEO for your website achievements. You can’t generate leads if your website is not visible on search engines.

You can’t make sales on your website if there is no customer visit to your website.

The visibility of your website on the search engine is the point that can make all the website goals to be achieved.


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The aim of search engine optimization (SEO) is to bring a website to the top of search engine results. Then how website can benefit from being on the first page on the search engine? Here is how SEO can lead to the website achievements. 


1. People most interact with the organic section.

SEO increase the organic traffic to the website. Search engine result page has two major sections. Organic section and advertisement section. Paid Ads section many people tend to ignore. They usually engage with the websites that are visible on the organic section.


Search Engine Optimization Statistics


Your website can earn more clicks once your it is visible on the first page of SERP organically. The top three places on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) earn an average of 60% of all the clicks. This is according to Advanced Web Ranking. 

The number of clicks you get will play a major role in your location on the SERP. Thus, the higher your site appears, the more benefits you get in digital marketing.


2. SEO always provides Trust & Brand Credibility.

In digital marketing, Brand building can help you create a strong and competitive organization. This is when people recognize a logo, colours, and name with a reputation that precedes you. 

A large online presence will protect many outlets. Employing outlets, such as social media, will need a full SEO strategy. 

Throughout their presence, the brand will be present improving awareness and guidance. Customers typically return the pages that provide them with the best responses. This creates confidence for you as a website developer and your brand.



For the top ranking, the Search engine offers to promote yourself as a trusted market leader. The goal of SEO is, to make a strong base for a website with a clear and effective customer experience. Easy to find in search with thanks to the trust and credibility of the brand and its digital characters.

Many elements go into establishing the authority of search engines like Google. Besides the factors mentioned above, authority gains over time as a result of effective SEO.
But it will do more for a brand than most, if not all, other digital optimizations, to build the authority.

As marketers know, Google is the most visited website in the world. Also, happen to be the most popular email provider in the world (with more than 1 billion users). Not to mention YouTube is the second biggest search engine.

The majority of people in the world that has access to the internet are visiting Google at least once a day. Digital customers trust Google, and through a high search ranking, this trust can be passed on to your brand.


Search engine optimization brand


Being visible as a trusted resource by Google and other search engines is always going to work in a brand’s favor. Quality SEO and a high-quality website take brands there.

The problem is, it's difficult to create trust and reputation overnight. Authority obtained and constructed over time. 

It takes patience and dedication to create a brand as an authority. Also, rely on providing valuably that encourages consumers to trust a specific brand. 


3. Good SEO Also increase Traffic & Engagement

Remember that SEO has two main goals. The first is to help you understand what online users are looking for. So that you can create high-quality content to fulfill their purpose. 

The second is to help you create a website whereby search engines can find, index, and understand. 

Search engines access the website that is well structured. And human also returns to the website that is very easy to access. Customers want to know if your site meets their needs.

You will be in a better position to improve your traffic as you develop your rankings.

SEO practices include improving both your titles and meta descriptions. This helps your clients and search engines to understand what your piece provides.

Optimize the elements of the website. You can see improvements in your traffic and conversion rate. 

There will be more individuals coming to your website. As more people visit your websites, you are generating leads who engage with your content.

Inorganic revenue growth, you can't underestimate the value of SEO. It is the best source of quality organic traffic. 


4. Implementation of SEO is very cheap compared to the SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

The main purpose of the website is to promote the business in one way another. The goal of any investment is always to bring the intended output.

SEO is extremely successful at not only establishing reputation and trust, but also at turning prospects into leads, and then, if properly managed, into sales. It's the same as having an excellent salesperson making a convincing case for preferring your brand over your competitors.

Unlike other marketing strategies that produce short-term results after large budget allocations, the results of SEO work accumulate over time to provide you with better returns on your SEO investment.


search engine marketing


5. SEO creates New Opportunities and leads.

What is SEM? SEM is the process of promoting your website by paying ads so that search engines rank it at the top. The aim of SEM is also to increase visibility on the search engine.

The difference between SEO and SEM is, in SEM you pay so that your website to be visible while in SEO you do not pay. SEO you perform some tasks for your website to be visible organically. Though all of them have the same aim of being visible.

71.33% of searches result in a click on the websites seen on the first page. With the growth of mobile traffic, organic search is part of many business successes. 

SEO is relative cheap in the grand scheme of things. And the payoff will most likely be considered for a brand’s benefit and bottom line.

In practice SEM is very simple, you only pay then your website is getting ranked. But many people don’t interact with the SEM section.

SEO is one of the online marketing channels that, when set up correctly, can continue to pay dividends over time.

If you provide a solid piece of content, that deserves to rank for the right keywords, your traffic can snowball over time. Whereas advertising needs continuous funding to send traffic to your site.

This is not a marketing cost, this is a true investment in a business. For years to come, successful SEO implementation will hold water.

And it’s only going to get better with the more exposure and investment it receives, like most things in life.

Although SEO doesn’t bring the result in single day but it worth waiting. It is not easy to make the website on the first page if you don’t work hard on it.

The life nowadays made simple, if you don’t have the inhouse SEO expert you can outsource from other companies. SEO service in Tanzania is not common as website building. This is due to many programmers have no idea on SEO can be done. Also, some programmers ignore it as it requires time for optimization and content production.


search engine optimization leads


SEO service in Tanzania is not common as website building. This is due to many programmers have no idea on SEO can be done. Also, some programmers ignore it as it requires time for optimization and content production.

Time is money, you have to save it. Us Bridging Technologies we provide free SEO consultation service for your business. And in content production, do not worry we create and market the content for you.

Content will always be king. However, when used in combination with other effective marketing methods, SEO can help you gain useful insight into customer behavior by increasing exposure, traffic, reputation, and branding


For the SEO to bring the desired result you have to develop a successful strategy for performing. In your SEO strategy make sure you don’t miss any action to be done for making the website visible on search engine. This is because the procedures in SEO are interdependent. You can’t optimize the content only without optimizing the website structure.

If it doesn’t cost money, then it takes time. Take your time planning your SEO strategy. To be effective in SEO, make sure you follow the search engine algorithm updates. Failure to do that you might do search engine optimization based on past algorithms which is no longer used by the search engine.



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