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On-page SEO factors
27, Aug 2021

A new site is always invisible in Search Engine Result Page (SERP)s and surrounded by an air of mystery.

It may take several weeks or years to come up to the top.

Thus, you must prepare on-page optimization of your website.

When people think of SEO, they often think of a website's appearance in search results.

So, what is SEO?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization.

Learn more on what is SEO

On-page SEO or optimization of your website’s content, can make all the difference when it comes to converting leads to customers.

When visitors get to your site, what do they see? Should they see your products or services? Do they get the information they need or cannot understand? Your on-page SEO activities can decide whether someone leaves a review or not. On-page SEO is also a competitive aspect that companies focus on to get ahead in search results.

But search engines also consider several other factors that impact how well a site ranks for various keywords. These include the quality of content on the site, link building and optimization, and other technical efforts

If you have a pretty site but your on-page SEO is poor, you're going to get lost in the search results pretty quickly.

The reason why this matter is that your customers will begin to lose faith in your competence and abandon your site.

Don’t let your customers abandon your site with no any valid reason.

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In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the most important on-page SEO factors that you need to consider, along with their importance.


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Why on-page SEO is important - Bridging Technologies

How important is on-page SEO? You probably know that on-page SEO activities are important for your SEO strategy.

What are the On-page SEO factors you need to consider depending on your business type?

On-page SEO directly relates to what your visitors see when they arrive on your site.

How they navigate throughout your website.

The appearance of the page (including images and descriptions) and search engine results page (SERP).

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The on-page SEO process involves optimizing your website so that it performs well in search engines.

It helps show Google how your site is used and helps it rank higher for queries related to your business or industry

On-page SEO process is a bit like the invisible hand of the web. All websites benefit from an optimized on-page SEO. The goal of on-page SEO is to get visitors from search engines to your website.

The on-page SEO factor depends on whether the website owner wants his or her website to be easily found by search engines or not. The potential payoff can be huge if you know which on-page factors will bring you the highest returns in search engine rankings.

You must understand the most important on-page SEO techniques so that you can take your business to the next level.

Keyword distribution

Importance of On-Page SEO

A blog post is like an advertisement for your business.

The keyword quota (and the content it contains) is what attracts visitors and persuades them to buy your products or services.

Whether you’re marketing to individuals or an audience of business owners. Knowing how to improve on-page SEO activities can make or break your effort. It's not enough to just have a good website. You need to be able to drive traffic to it using relevant keywords.

Each time you publish a blog post or an article, a small piece of code is run on your website.

This code looks for keywords related to the content you're promoting and displays them in search results.

There is a lot to know about keyword research so that you can get the most out of your efforts towards improving your search engine ranking.

‘Keyword Targeting’ refers to understanding the key phrases that someone types into the search engine.

Understanding these phrases will allow you to create content that will effectively target people and bring them to your site.

For stance; Bridging Technologies rank with the keyword of free SEO consultation in Tanzania.

Google knows a lot about you, by keywords you are identified on your website and queries which people use to search for you.

That's why they rank websites according to how well their keywords are predicted to be searched by human users.

Many people make mistakes in interpreting on-page optimization and get stuck in a rut because of it.

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Keyword Planner is one of the tools used to search for keywords

✨PRO TIP: Avoid targeting the same keyword with multiple pages which leads to self-conflict.✨

Optimizing keywords on tags

Tags that are prominent and can be used for targeting specific keywords can be elaborated as follows;

➡️Keyword in URL

The path of the URL should be keyword-rich.

For example; a digital marketing agency may have the following path

➡️Keyword in Page Title

The page title of your site should be rich in keywords.

➡️Keyword in Headlines

Headlines should follow the hierarchical order (H1, H2, H3….H6).

The best practice of the headings should be to fill the keyword gap.

The more balanced the usage of keywords is, the better it is for your SEO.

The on-page optimization of URL, headings, and title tags is the main key to success.


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On-page SEO factors to optimize content

Web content should be SEO-friendly.

When you write content it’s important to focus on keywords and phrases.

The phrases do target queries people type on search engines that visitors want to read.

It's critical to optimize your content for people to find it and read it.

A well-optimized page can have a huge impact on how Google ranks your site.

A web content that is friendly to Google and users.

Among the traits of well-optimized content are;

  • A high-quality content.
  • A content-rich in well-optimized images.
  • Web content with more than 1,500 words.
  • Even spread of keywords with meaningful context.


Link building to improve on-page SEO

Link Building - Bridging Technologies


The website is built on links. So, with no doubt, all issues about link building are much efficient in SEO activities.

There are three main types of links

➡️Internal link

These are links that cross within the website.

Internal links help easy navigation of users within the website.

➡️External link

These types of links can be shortly stated as out-going links.

External links point to websites of high domain authority and relevancy. It shows a prominent sign to Google that your website is authoritative.

➡️Inbound link

These are referred to as incoming links.

These are the types of links that Google mostly uses to identify the trustiness and authoritativeness of a website.


Tactics of Link building

In this article, the focus will be mainly on Inbound link building since it’s the dizziest part most SEO experts face.

➡️Content creation and promotion: Create contents which are SEO optimized and spread the word so as you can get found.

By writing content that can grab readers attention filling the gap of other written content it's easy to get an inbound link.

For instance; You are a law firm agency, you wrote an epic article about the negative side effects of child labour on every diaspora.


Then you spread the article on a different social media platform.

It's easy to get a reference from other websites of law firms, humanitarian agencies, etc.


➡️Mentions: Attaining a mention from great influencers or bloggers is one of the best tactics of link building to improve on-page SEO.

➡️Guest blogging: Request a guest blogging activity to other websites of the same niche or industry.

Read more on SEO: Beginner's guide: Create a SEO friendly website in the digital marketing world


🔥PRO TIP: To SEO experts, Inbound links are the links you should cry for, to increase high rankings and CTR.


Site factors

General factors of the website affecting on-page SEO techniques.

Site performance

One of the most critical aspects to consider on a website is its good performance.

PageSpeed Insights, a tool developed by Google, measures the onset and duration of loads for a website, as well as compares them with other sites.

Having a fast load time will often translate into a higher user experience.

A website that loads fast is more reliable than a website with a slow speed.

The better your site does in terms of loading data on the page, the higher chance that people will find your content useful and keep coming back for more.

Google showed that links from fast-loading pages received 92% more traffic from search engines.


structured data - digital marketing agency


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Sitemaps have become one of the most important aspects of on-page SEO. Sitemaps make it possible for search engines to understand your content policies. Also enable them to provide proper suggestions to users. Additionally, the sitemap structure helps search engines organize your site more professionally. It is also important to set up your sitemaps correctly if you want your site to rank for relevant searches.

A sitemap acts as a director on the road. When you understand how they work and what they tell search engines about your website, you’ll be able to optimize them better. They give a proper visualization of your website.

One of the most crucial aspects to never ignore a sitemap lies in this question.


“Why optimize your sitemap if you will never change the whole website?”


A sitemap helps you once any updates are made to the website. Once any change is made the sitemap informs the search engine and indexation happens fast than it would have been without having a sitemap.


Do you have a sitemap on your website?


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Structured data

Its a standard format of providing information about a certain page and classifying the contents of the page.

In simple terms, search engines crawl and index website content following the rules laid out in the HTML standard.


Structured data is the most important SEO factor to target. It's the actual content on your site (including images and internal links) that brings potential customers to your site. This is why structured data is so important, even if you haven't updated your actual site in years.

Automated systems can still create structures data. It can give you more authority online if you haven’t been updating your backlink regularly.


how to improve seo in websites


Below here are the tantalizing impacts of structured data: -

  • Boosts in rankings.
  • Leads to High CTR (Click Through Rates)
  • More conversions
  • Rise of Authority score of the website.


Structured data is like a piece of cake that stimulates the whole mouth and tongue to fill the stomach.

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As we wrap up,

Do you have any confusing mind burning on your head?


Unfortunately, “BOTH”

You need to structure your website in a manner that Google will easily crawl on it.

Also, users will be impressed and won't abandon the website.

“Google and User are two sides of the same coin,” one said.

Google fights for users to have the best experience on searches, and users search to find the best result.

Once implementing any on-page SEO techniques make sure you don’t only apply for Google but keep the user in mind also.

Finally, as a brilliant SEO expert, you may join our LinkedIn and Twitter communities for more updates.

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