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Businesses can lose up to 86% of their sales due to negative online reviews. The customers search for Brand or product reviews online before making a purchase. Bridging Technologies works to improve what people see about a brand and fixing your online reviews. Customer reviews impact business success more than most brands realize.

We utilize the latest technological tools and processes to improve the reviews, rating improvement, removal of negative content, suppression of negative content, and developing content that is supportive to the brand.

Online Reputation management works to improve what people see about a brand, mainly online.

Fixing your online reputation is our top priority. We utilize the latest in technology and processes to build world-class Online Reputation Management Services that get results. Our proven methods help create and restore positive online reputations for individuals and businesses throughout the web.

Reputation management includes identifying negative online content, removing the visibility of negative content, and enhancing the visibility of positive online content over that which is negative.

At Bridging Technologies, we are committed to helping businesses build brand awareness and credibility through encouraging positive reviews, and also to restoring their brand names.

Online Brand Reputation Management Approach

Research and Audit

We have to know what people think about your brand before deciding how to respond. We need to first learn what is being said about you and get an idea of what the sentiment is. The sentiment is usually measured in positive, negative, or neutral terms. To do this, you should identify various methods you plan to employ to listen to online conversations. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and blogs are all great places to monitor. To get started with this process, we will identify keywords that represent you, your brand, your company, or anything you want to track.

Establishment of management strategy

Once we know what the overall perception is of your brand, we will know where we need to focus to improve it. For example, suppose your audit shows that the conversation around your brand is unfavorable. In that case, you will want to employ practices that will help you improve the experiences that people have with your business. The strategy will decide on how to decide which comments, reviews, or mentions need responses and a brand tone for responding to comments.

Take actions based on comments, feedback, and reviews

After having a list of categories, you wish to address and you have the basis for the issues to focus on, we plan actions based on the data found. For instance, a client may want to directly comment on a blog post or wish to write an article or white paper that addresses a specific concern or perception We have two strategies to consider, reactive and proactive. Reactive is to have accounts set up and people in place to quickly respond to conversations (positive or negative) that come up. Acting proactively is an important part of any reputation strategy as you plan positive messages, articles, press releases, etc. to ensure you have a constant flow of content that you have planned from your editorial calendar.

Why Online Brand Reputation Management Should Be Used.

Brand reputation management can improve your brand's popularity and attract new customers while improving customer retention through knowledge about what previous customers think about you.

An effective reputation management strategy includes compiling a comprehensive list of consumer complaints and reviews about your company. Use this data to pinpoint areas of improvement, publishing accurate information about consumer experiences, and create educational resources for customers.

Building a reputation is critical to your business's success. It gives people a way to know what you do, helps others find you, and encourages future business by encouraging people to tell others about what you do. While most business owners don't think about reputation management, it's an important aspect of running the business.

Brand Reputation Management FAQs

What is Brand reputation?

Brand reputation is simply how a brand (a person or an organization) is viewed by everyone else.

What is a review?

A review of a product or service made by a consumer who has experienced a service or purchased a product.

What is an Online reputation management?

Online reputation management is the process of monitoring how consumers perceive you and taking strategic action when necessary to improve your brand's image.

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