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Why performing email analytics is important in email marketing campaign
22, Apr 2021

You are a marketer, and you are doing online marketing.

You already have access to email marketing, but you have ignored analysis on your campaign.

As a result, you don't know exactly how much profit you are generating compared to what you have invested. 

In other words, it’s the same as you are performing traditional marketing.

In a highly competition digital industry how are you going to succeed with traditional marketing?

Suppose in your campaign you need to measure activities of your emails in every stage so that you can prepare a performance report. And yet you have never measured one.

How would you identify the return on investment of the emails you are daily sending to the prospects and existing customers?

It will be difficult to understand the success your campaign performance advancement.

You can’t improve what you can’t measure.

Performing analytics is a core ground to understand the return on investment in your campaign and where to make improvement.

You are supposed to track metrics and other email activities to see if they increase sales in your business or not.

Email analytics helps you to discover details and insights about your marketing campaign to see whether the results are effective.

Every campaign needs to produce a healthy result, for the aim of increasing more sales in a business.

How would you know this is a healthy result of your campaign?

Not every outcome is a healthy result just because you have gained a lot of subscribers.

Having subscribers and converting one into a customer with a complete profitable action is a total different things.

That process completion of a buyer’s journey until subscriber became a customer can be tracked by performing analysis in your campaign.

As a marketer and you need to succeed in your campaign it is necessary you perform analysis.

Performing email analytics in your campaign will positive bring changes in to your business. 

According to Litmus, marketers who use additional analytics tools to supplement the email metrics saw a ROI of 43:1 compared to a ROI of 39:1 for those who didn’t.


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email analytics


In this article we have provided intensive information on how to perform Analytics for your campaign.

Let’s dive in.

Starting with email analytics meaning.


What is email analytics?

It is a method of analyzing and tracking how your subscribers engage with your email campaigns.

Its silent tracks email activities in the ground while you keep perform marketing on daily basis.

Why do we need email analytics?

Years back, people believed that the email marketing was fading due to the escalation of social media activities.

In many aspects and business email has shown how giant it is for the serving the purpose especially sales generation.

To learn more about the importance of email marketing, please read our previous post on How to Get Started with Email Marketing.

Research shows people and businesses continuing to use this platform in greater numbers even-though such rumors.

So why is it still growing despite those rumors?

The answer is, “email analytics” makes it possible.

Another important aspect to know about analytics, is the way it can help you to solve your marketing team.

Probably you are still having a lot of questions concerning analytics.

Email Analytics helps you answer questions like the following:

  • How many emails did my team send today?
  • What was their average response time?
  • What parts of the days are busiest and slowest?
  • Who are my top performers?
  • How can I effectively re-balance my team’s email workload?

These questions and others not mentioned here if you provide answers, it will be a way for smoothen your campaign.

It’s obvious that you can answer this questions by yourself. But it’s better to hire experts specialize in email marketing to do that work for you.

As they will conduct research and provide you with accurate answers and measures to take for better results.


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Email analytics: metrics to measure

metrics to measure

The majority of brands use analytics to keep track of the metrics to understand their campaign performance.

That means, you need some metrics to measure your results and that is the work of email analytics.

The following are email metrics to consider when tracking your marketing campaign.

  • Open Rate
  • Click through Rate
  • Unsubscribe Rate
  • Return on Investment
  • Email deliverability and
  • Bounce Rate


Why you should perform email analytics?

As a marketer:

How do you sum up the efforts of your email marketing campaign?

Do things work well for your business as you expected?

Email analytics provides information of how accurate and improved you have reached so far.

It shows the subscriber's engagement, strength, and weakness of your content. Where to improve, when to send, and to whom you can share your business in order to increase sales.

The following are the benefits you will get when performing analytics:


1. Provides real-time results of your email marketing campaign.

Tracking your metrics, transactional emails and beyond will improve your brand.

When brands grow, it builds a profitable marketing campaign.

Consistent analyzing provides information about your relations with the recipient.

When you have a strong relationship with your recipient it will be easy for them to take action you want them to take.

Also, those results can help you refine and improve your entire marketing strategy as you will be aware what is preferred by your audience.


2. Show's success of your hard-working emails.

Marketer start with preparing lists, writing an attractive subject line, relevant content.

To open, click, share, and took the desired action by a recipient.

All will be identified by email analytics you have performed. Without forgetting the email marketing strategy, you have set to reach your goals.


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3. Helps you to set a test to calculate sales

Conducting tests such as A/B testing to the elements like images, content, and subject line will improve your campaign.

It will help you preview the deliverability of your messages and the action taken by a recipient.

Testing determines which content perform better than the other. It helps you to determine measures to take on the poor performing one so that you can increase sales.

Steps to follow when performing a test for your marketing campaigns:

  • Define the goal of your test
  • Evaluate a segment of recipients you are sending emails to.
  • Design your test
  • Review and start your test


⚽⚽TIP: The common mistakes when running an A/B test is ending your test too soon. You won’t be able to get the actual result of your campaign.


4. Compares performance of email versus other online channels

email marketing


It helps to show the performance of your email marketing strategy compared to other online channels. And help you get a real view of how people are engaging with your brand.

It will help you understand the direct impact and effectiveness of your campaign on a business compared to other online channels on ROI generation.

Well organized email marketing strategy will lead to the best performance of your campaign. Its best performance is the one that dominate other online platform in terms of sales in digital marketing industry. You can learn more on How and Why digital marketing is important.


🚩🚩You can use free email analytics tools to conduct your research. In case you need help Bridging Technologies in Dar es Salaam will be happy to assist you.


5. Analytics can be your education tool.

You can use data to tell a story that inspires action.

The results of your analytics will used as a reference and testimonials on your website. And inspire other people to use email analytics for business as well.

We all know numbers do not lie, it presents the real outcome of your efforts on your marketing campaign.

Analytics can educate people who still have doubt about the effectiveness of email on increasing sales.

You can try too to put one of your analytic results on a web page for testimonial purpose.

If you don’t have one to display worry not, you can use free email analytics tools to build yours now.


6. Helps you to understand your audience.

Analytics can help to understand if the audience you are serving is a right one. Some email metrics such as open rates and click through rate will identify if you are on the right track.

It will show if you are delivering the right content to the right audience by the number you scored on both metrics.

A high open rate indicates you are providing a valuable content with a good subject line and people are curious to open it.

You may be asking:

I have a high open rate on my emails and yet a low click through rate, what is happening?


You may be not clearly communicating your goal to your contacts on your emails.


7. Provides valuable conversation between you and your contacts.

Emails valuable conversations


When you are talking about importance of email marketing campaign, you can’t ignore having valuable conversation to preserve relationship.

Having valuable conversation may require you to analyze your contacts and ensure your contacts are receiving the value out of those relationships.

This conversation will help you to understand which areas you are doing great and which one you are supposed to pay attention to and improve.

You may analyze different methods and language to understand their impact in converting leads into customers.


8. Understand how your subscribers are interacting with your emails.

Go beyond open rates and set your first engagement including the read, skim and delete times. In order to learn how your subscribers are interacting with your emails.

Improve future campaigns by separating newsletters from transactional emails to get greater insights into your email engagement.

Use one of a kind free email analytic tool to see how subscribers are interacting with your campaign.

You will gain a better understanding of your link traffic, reader’s activity, and subscriber’s interests.



Google analytics


To get a result on a role emails plays in your business. You need to combine your regular analytics with third-party analytics.

It will help you track your email metrics including which are not provided by most Email Service Providers.

You need to integrate with third-party analytics such as Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a web analytics service from Google, which is a popular and widely-used service on the web.

Why you need Google Analytics in email analytics?

To show how many emails were opened, how many links were clicked on, how many users unsubscribed after a particular campaign.

And all these are important metrics but your final goal should always be a conversion.

For example, how many leads or customers you’ve generated owing to your email campaign.

In fact, there are many email tracking tools that help you see whether or not a subscriber took a specific action on your website after they have clicked on a link in your email.

Google Analytics or GA, is a tool that allows you to do this. You can map the journey your subscriber takes after landing on your website from an email beyond click tracking.

With its help, you can understand which links in your campaigns brought most clicks to your website and look into the users’ on-site behavior.

Google Analytics in email marketing campaign serves as a tool to look for the insights of subscribers through:

  • Identify their interests.
  • Segmentation based on the demographic factor.
  • Analyze visitor’s behavior on the website.



Email analytics provides a vast amount of data as a basis for improvements. It will show the level of user engagement and loyalty, common behavior patterns, strong and weak points of your content.

With that knowledge at hand, you can utilize a refined behavior segmentation and provide your subscribers with a more personalized experience.

As a result, email analytics will help your business grow because users will be highly engaged with your business and are more likely able to purchase your products or services.

Hence, they increase sales as well as build brand of your company.

A good marketer can never miss out this opportunity. Hope you take a step towards your success today!

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