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11 top email marketing questions answered for you
26, Oct 2021

It's expected that questions would come up in every aspect of a business.

But have you ever thought that people have a lot of questions concerning email marketing services?

And search engines don’t provide clear straight answers to them?

Do you know why millions of questions for email?

Email marketing is one of the longest-standing digital marketing concepts.

Most digital marketing has changed completely over the last few decades.

But email marketing is still a highly useful tactic for reaching your audience.

It has proven again to be the top channel to communicate with both existing and potential customers.

When it comes to email marketing, there is always something new to learn and try.

For years experts and marketers have tried to come up with email marketing faqs to provide awareness to their customers on its functionality.

Some have been created but other companies didn’t have an idea on how to start it.

These email marketing questions and answers will give you a good start.

We, Bridging Technologies a remarkable digital marketing agency in Tanzania in email marketing services will share the following tips with you:

  • Importance of knowing the email marketing faqs for your business growth.
  • Email marketing questions to ask clients to keep them on your track.


Bridging Technologies we are a digital marketing agency in Tanzania that offers the best email marketing services to our customers.

For a deep understanding of email marketing, we provide a free consultation. You can contact us.

You can also visit our blog posts about email marketing services.


Importance of email marketing

Importance of email marketing

Email marketing importance is so great that we recommend businesses to develop a plan for implementation

According to Radicati Group, more than half of the world’s population uses email as of 2019.

This presents a great opportunity for businesses of all sizes to reach their target market, no matter what their audience looks like.

It allows you to personalize your messaging and tailor messages based on customer actions.

You can also segment your audiences to ensure that the right leads are getting the most impactful information at the most effective times.

Marketing Land reports that of the 1.47 million emails are sent per month in the US only.

Perhaps one of the greatest reasons why it is so important is why your competitors are using it.

This means that if you want to remain competitive, you need to start using email marketing to reach your audience.

To know more about the importance of it visit our blog post “how and why email marketing is important in your business


Email marketing questions and answers

It is important to know questions to ask clients as well as questions you will be asked.

This will provide a mutual understanding to accomplish a targeted goal between you and your client.

Email marketing questions and answers will help you to tackle your clients' problems in one go.

It will save your time to answer one-to-one questions of every client about your service.

A best practice on this is by creating a section on your website which will deal with email marketing faqs specifically for common questions.

Bridging Technologies a trusting digital marketing agency in Tanzania can help you to customize your website. Give us a call for the best offers.


Email Marketing Frequent Asked Questions (faqs) by clients.

Email questions


This list is a comprehensive look at common questions, designed to provide value.

Whether you are a complete beginner or have the experience you must know these questions.

Those questions are:


1. Is email marketing still effective?

Effective email marketing


Email marketing is one of the most effective ways for a business to reach customers directly.

Unlike other platforms where you are unsure if your business will reach out to your targeted audience or not.

Think about it. If you have posted something on your website, people might visit but might not see it.

Why? Because if your content is not optimized google algorithm cannot find it and display it online.

Even when you’re posting content on social media pages and hoping fans will see it, they might not see it either.

Why? It's because you don’t own them.

But when you’re sending an email it goes directly into each person’s inbox, where they will see it!

Even if they don’t open it, they’ll still see the subject line and your company’s name each time you send the message.

So you are always communicating directly with your audience.


2. Isn’t social media marketing taking the place of email marketing?

Recent statistics show that email reaches three times more people than Facebook and Twitter combined.

That’s a significant difference.

Social media marketing is wildly popular and becoming, even more, every day.

But it is not taking the place of email marketing any time soon.

With social media example Facebook, if you were to post to reach your followers it will only reach a small portion of your users.

If you have users opted into your email list everyone on that list will receive that message.

Thus, it remains the best online platform to opt for direct communication with clients.


3. Is it proper to buy an email list if I don’t have one?

It can be tempting. But you have got to resist that temptation.

The only way to get a subscribers list that will be beneficial to your company is to grow it organically.

First of all, many email service providers will not even allow you to use purchased lists.

And secondly, the addresses found on lists like those are not qualified leads.

They will not capture people’s interest in your products or services.

Since these people didn’t opt-in to your specific email list, they will likely mark you as spam.

It might be seductive to buy a list when starting with email marketing. However, you need to resist this temptation.

Not only you will lose credibility with your customers, but you will not even get quality emails.

Even though this might seem like an easy way to gain connections, it’s a big NO.


4. What’s the best way to grow my email lists?

First, the best practice of growing an email list you will get on a post “An effective email marketing list: how to build it from website

Email list building is an essential task for any marketing team.

This is because email marketing has a potential ROI of 4200%.

It's important to cultivate a list that will engage and take action with your content.

One of the best ways to grow your list is by making it easy to sign up.

It might look like just a simple form on your homepage which asks for your name and email.

Another way to grow your list is to offer valuable content that will engage and compel readers.

Do you want to grow your list fast and organic? Download our email template here.

Big subscriber numbers are something we all want, so it’s good to know there are many smart ways of going for growing a list.

Instead of buying subscribers, try earning them through quality content and asking permission.

Here are some tactics for growing your list the right way.

Create an offer

Any piece of quality content will do.

Build an e-book out of a series of blog posts.

Then once you have your offer, ask folks for an email address to access the content.

Sites like Copyblogger have been highly successful at growing their list this way. Copyblogger blog, provide both free e-books and free marketing courses.

Use subscription forms

You will never get an email address if you never ask for one.

The University of Alberta famously boosted subscribers 500 percent with a popup survey asking nothing more complicated than: “Would you like to sign up for our email?”

Make great partnerships

You will find subscribers around the Internet by partnering with sites that fit your focus.

This will help you build a strong relationship with others in the industry.

The key is to be helpful.

Provide great content that your peers find valuable, and you will find yourself a partner.

Then be sure to close the deal by asking for email signups.


5. Do I need to send newsletters?

Email newsletters are a type of electronic mail that informs your audience of the latest news about your product or company.

They are often used for a variety of purposes and they come in many different forms.

Newsletters can also be used to keep subscribers up to date with your company.

NOTE: your subscribers join your list for content that adds immediate value to their life.

So whatever company updates you decide to include should have an impact on your subscribers.

The point of newsletters is to keep subscribers connected, engaged and informed about what’s new with your business.

This is something that will depend on your target audience and how they respond to your content.

Some audiences love newsletters, while others want to be contacted only on a need-to-know basis.

If you’re interested in sending a newsletter, experiment with what timing and formatting work best for your audience.


6. How often should I send emails?

As often as you can without annoying your customers.

For some companies, this might look like once a week.

For others, they can send it daily while maintaining high engagement levels. This is going to take some trial and error.

Start slow and work your way up to send more frequent content, and see how your customers respond.

IMPORTANT: Maintain consistency when sending your content to your audience.


7. What is the best time of the day to send emails?

This will also differ depending on your business and customer base.

Generally speaking, the best time of the day to send emails is weekday mornings, between 10 am - 12 noon.

Also, you may try sending it on Sunday night so that your audience sees it first thing Monday morning.

However, this is something you want to experiment with to see what resonates with your audience.

For better results try to conduct A/B testing.

If you find it difficult Bridging Technologies will be happy to help you. Contact us.


8. How can I make sure my emails don’t end up in the spam folder?

There are certain obvious email marketing DONT’S to avoid if you want to avoid the spam folder.

Things like mentioning unrealistic prices, or writing in all caps.

The best way to stay out of the spam folder is to write not like a salesperson, but like a friend.

The tone of your emails, and even the vocabulary you use, will automatically be different.


9. What type of content works best?

Content Type


Deciding what to include in your message is a challenge.

Many marketers face a challenge on how to hook a subscriber with the best content.

The key here is not to go overboard.

Keep your message focused and provide a path for your reader to read in sequence.

Starting with the introduction, body/message, and call-to-action.

Your message should answer the questions or problems that your customers face. Make sure you are writing for your readers and their interests.

Keep the message clear, don’t overwhelm your readers with too much background noise.

White space is a good thing.

The average person will only spend about 20 seconds reading an email.

If your message will take longer than 20 seconds to read, make sure the most important information including links, is located near the top where they can be seen without having to scroll down.

You can learn how to create converting content through “Email marketing campaign: Tips to write an effective email content.


10. How do I write a good subject line?

The best subject lines are short and to the point, accurately describing what’s in there.

It also needs to be catchy and captivating, so the reader wants to know more.

Once again, this is the perfect place for some A/B testing, to see which types of subject lines work best with your audience.

There are many different takes on subject lines.

Following email marketing best practices, you’ll have to try what works best for your audience.

However, there are a few best practices to start with:

-Write for your audience to use language they’re familiar with

-Personalize it

-Keep it short - for mobile’s sake

-Use clear action words


11. What metrics should I track for Email Marketing?

The best way to know if what you’re doing is working is to analyze the results.

Email marketing statistics should drive your decisions when making adjustments.

Here are the main metrics to track to make sure your marketing efforts are successful:

Open rate

An open rate is the percentage of people who opened the email from the total number of the email received.

Having a good open rate is crucial. If your recipients aren’t opening your emails then they aren’t reading your content.

To improve your open rates, look at your subject lines, preview text, from the name, and email address.

Click-through rate

A click-through rate is the percentage of people who clicked on a link in your email from the total number of opened the email.

It is dependent on what you’re offering and the lead information you provided.

The goal of any email marketing tactic should be to get clicks to the next step.


Unsubscribes, are the number of people who have unsubscribed from your emails.

With a well-developed list, you are supposed to see low unsubscribe rates.

If this number is high, it’s a key indicator that you need to take a long look at your email list.


What Is A/B Testing?

A/B testing is a great technique for uncovering the best email marketing tactics and timing for your specific audience.

You can test everything in your email from template to subject line to headline. Here is a list of some ideas to get started:

Subject line

The layout of the message (one column or two)

Personalization strategy




Time/Day of week

Keep in mind that you should only test one variable at a time, so the data is clear on what worked, and what didn’t.


😁My advice: Test continuously because there is always room for improvement.



Rule number one of writing an email copy is to write with a purpose in mind.

Are you trying to get your subscribers to buy something, or are you sharing information with the intent to add value?

Different goals require a different approach.

If you’re writing sales copy, you need to elaborate on your product’s benefits and follow up with a CTA.

If you’re writing value-focused content, such as a newsletter or update, consider offering solutions.

Also, you may share the latest news from that industry to keep them up-to-date.

You can design a template with email marketing questions to ask clients to keep your data up to date.

Remember, you’re writing for a specific audience, so you want to maintain an idea of uniqueness.

It will make them feel special like they have been chosen to receive the email.

Stay away from being too sales wordy.

Additionally, write in the second person (you) when writing an email copy.

It builds a bond with your reader when they feel like you’re talking directly to them.

Schedule your appointment with us and get the best email marketing services for your business today.

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